Tuesday, June 16, 2009

161 - When your boss gets impatient or bossy

So today, I started working at my new bartending job. This is my first job, and with it, I got a new boss.

Actually, I got three new bosses. I think one is the owner, one is the manager, and one works the floor. What the difference is between their three jobs is beyond my apprehension, but I'm sure that the three of them are all equally important in keeping the Belgian restaurant/bar I now work in running.

So let's start with the owner. I think he's French. I was delicately handling this piece of weirdly shaped drinkware (pictured right), when all of a sudden, he exhales a humongous sigh. I look at him, and he's shaking his head. He comes over, and he tells me not to be afraid of using force when cleaning the glasses. Now, look at the glass of Kwak. The glass looks fragile, doesn't it? Why the Hell would I use force...? I'm just trying not to break anything!

The Belgian manager told me that I looked bored when I polished glasses, and that I should always up my game. Hell, yeah, I'm bored. After wiping a hundred glasses, it gets boring! (I guess he has a point, though. Bartenders need to look energetic.)

The Chinese floor manager was the most impatient. He kept making kissing noises to get my attention, instead of actually calling my name. What that's about, I have no idea. He would then direct me to something, just to make me move here and there, climb this ladder, place these bottles in the lower fridges, clean the glasses on the left, wipe the coffee maker clean on the right, check behind me for any new orders, look in front when polishing, turn back to answer phone calls, turn back again to pour beer, one Stella Artois, two Leffe Brunes, one Kwak, two Hoegaardens, one cranberry juice - no ice, three Cokes, one Leffe Blonde, polish these glasses, go get more ice from the kitchen, go throw out the trash, go get more milk, go give a pint of beer to the chefs in the kitchen who will use it to flavor their mussels Belgian-style (????????), there's another order for three Leffe Blondes!, one fruit punch, two glasses of housewine, that tab is being paid for, tell Alex to serve these gin and tonics to those ladies over there...

This was all over the course of two hours, so I had plenty of time, and it was okay. It all went down smoother than I expected, and nothing broke, nothing spilt, nothing went by with flaws.
That's not to say that I don't have a newly discovered respect for bartenders, though. They have to remember a ton of stuff. I guess bosses are meant to be bossy, in that, they're just trying to train me.

That Chinese floor manager still could've helped a bit, though...


eC said...

Congrats on your new job!

Just think of all the drunken stories you'll hear from those who've had one too many shots :)

vaishu said...

hey congrats...
Sounds like you will be having loads of fun..

J.J. in L.A. said...

The floor manager sounds like a control freak on a power trip.

Alan said...

Good God, I hate work!
You are so right, who in their flipping right mind uses force even on a heavy glass. Drunken Master?
Bored while polishing glasses, wow. Perky now, perky, polish perkily damnit!
And the nutty kissing sounds. Wow, here in the States that could get you sued for sexual harrassment, lol!
I'm sure eC is right, the big bonus will be the stories you wil have to tell, but the answer to "Do You Hate It Too?" is an astondingly loud YES.

Marcy said...

Sounds like this job will bring in some new material for the blog...

Have fun at work!

Madame DeFarge said...

Just wait until you have a proper job. With bits of paper and filing and pens and a desk and a waste paper bin. It's so much fun.

Ruchi said...

You can return all the favours when you become the boss - complete the circle!!


Best of luck with the new job.


DPhatsez said...

First job! Teething troubles! :)

Have fun though k!