Thursday, October 30, 2008

3 - Yawning

This is not attractive:

Neither is this:

And no way in Hell can this ever be seen as nice:

*shivers* (I'm going to get nightmares about this post.)

To allow others to see the contents of your mouth is just incredibly horrifying. Surely there are civil laws that say that one reserves the right to sue for that sort of social disturbance
. And are there any religious scriptures that urge their followers not to yawn openly so as to cause others displeasure? I mean, look at the utter monstrosity, sitting beside Tony Blair, in this photograph:

The yawn is a strange physiological reflex that just doesn't have an explanation. Researchers hypothesize that yawning might be a method of cooling the brain physically, or perhaps calming the mind psychologically. Yawning might also be due to a lack of body sugar, or a lack of oxygen, or on the contrary, an overload of oxygen.

We yawn when we're tired, and when we're sleepy. Some yawn when they're stressed, but I've never been overworked to the point where I yawn. In my yawning experience, I do it when I'm bored and a lot of people, as I'm sure you know, believe that yawning is contagious. I actually yawned a total of seven times while I was doing a lil' research for this post. Yup, reading about yawning can cause you to yawn too (those of you who did, please say so in a comment :D)

The infectiousness of yawning can prove to be a bit annoying. I was having dinner with my family tonight, and just as I dug into my soup with a spoon, I looked up to see my lovely aunt yawning like a lion. The oh-so-transmittable yawn hit me, and, oh, yes, a little soup dripped out of my mouth.

But my goodness, the way she shut her eyes so intensely as if she was shone on with the light of a million fairies, created this effect of time passing by so slowly, to the extent where I could've counted the number of teeth she had.

Oh, but I did see her uvula, and you don't get to see another person's uvula everyday. That's special. Well, I think so.

Anyway. I like to cover my mouth with both hands when I yawn. I don't think any of us have exceptionally pretty guts, and I mean, the mouth is the beginning of the digestive tract if you think about it. So conceal your oral cavity because somewhere out there, there are millions of people suffering from those nightmares I mentioned earlier on. Well, maybe not millions. But you just never know.


Anonymous said...


i'll follow your blog if you don't mind..

this entry makes me laugh. LOL. haha

Anonymous said...

Michael, really, ban yawning by law?
You sure have got a lot of things going on in that head of yours. I never even stopped to figure out why I yawn, I just do it. But I do try to be discrete about it.


Michael said...

To AV: I will make a slight adjustment to that sentence then. Hahaha. Didn't mean for it to come out that way.

Anonymous said...

Cool, LOL


Anonymous said...

is it weird that when I was reading this, I was thinking about yawning and so I started to yawn? haha. still, another funny post. I wish more people would take to heart that there is a "polite" way to yawn and that is covering your mouth with your hands. you would think that is the least they could do. I don't particularly like staring at people's insides either. it's a little disturbing..
and I'm glad you don't hate me for posting that story about looking through my bedroom window. I just thought it was a cute story, since I imagined me as a little girl writing that. haha.

Anonymous said...

As possible i refrain from yawning in public.. but i found it more embarassing when you're with someone and he/she wouldd keep on yawning and it would catch everyone's attention.. it's very disturbing. i would be the one blushing for him/her.

tips when you're in public: you can try not to act as if you know the person, or avoid getting close to him, or better yet, make him disappear! ha ha!

btw, thanks a lot for commenting in my blog. it's really encouraging, though i don't actually know the writer you told me. i'll search and try to read his works later. thank you. :)

Comic Superzero said...

Hah, dude, I love this. I yawned so many times, I couldn't even count. While I don't feel as utterly appalled as you do about yawns, I'm definitely going to look at people yawning a little differently from now on.

I particularly loved the lion/fairy thing. Genius.

xyn said...

wahahahaha!! this is COOL..! =))

Adam James Nall said...

Ah yes, very good. There is somewhat of a social conditioning element to yawning. I certainly felt the urge to yawn whilst reading. The word 'yawn' itself (if interested) comes from the Germanic root that gave us Anglo-Saxon 'geonian' ('g' pronounced as 'y') meaning 'wide open', so perhaps we were not ment to cover it over, eh?

Thank you very much for following De Factoids: I'm glad my language facts are of interest!



J.J. in L.A. said...

I (mostly) yawn while talking to my boyfriend on the phone...

(I can't decide whether it's because he's boring or because his voice relaxes me) he can't see my tonsils.