Wednesday, April 1, 2009

141 - People who ask you questions while you're reading

"Anything interesting in the news today?" "What book are you reading?" "Look at Lindsey Lohan on the cover of Michael's magazine, don't you think she's gotten a lot fatter?"

Our examinations are coming up, the final exams I will take in high school. Several subjects are worrying me right now, namely chemistry, physics and mathematics, so currently, I haven't been blogging as much so that I have more time to study.

This week, I've been focusing on building my vocabulary for the English exams, as well as going through my maths textbook, making sure I know how to use every single symbol and equation. I think I've mentioned this before, but to build my vocabulary, I've been reading a book named 'Word Power Made Easy'. It teaches you vocabulary primarily, by pointing out the etymology of a lot of different words, but alongside that, it touches on what is or isn't correct grammar, punctuation and pronunciation. It's a really effective means to attain a better vocabulary in the English language, for me at least.

What irked me at lunch today was when my friends asked me what I was reading. I didn't answer them, because I knew answering them would only attract more inquiries:
"Why are you reading that? Do you think your vocabulary's bad?"
"Where did you buy it?"
"How much was it?"
"What exactly does it teach you?"
"Do you actually learn anything from reading thing?"
"Dude, I haven't read a book in years, besides those we've studied in school. Can you believe that?"
"Isn't that boring?"
"What's the book called?"
"Who's it by?"
"Can I borrow it after you're done with it?"
"Why are you looking at me like that? You look pissed."

Shut up, peeps, I'm trying to read.


Louise said...

I concur. I hate it when people ask too many questions while I'm reading. What's stupid is that I answer their questions just to make them shut up. But they just ask me more inquiries.
If I ignore them, they would throw insults at me or grab my book and throw it away (seriously), which is absolutely annoying!

I'm interested in your book. Who's the author? I might want to buy a copy of it.
Good luck in your finals Michael. Study hard and may you pass with flying colors!^____^


Toivoa ja Elämän said...

When people are reading a book, I must admit, I do ask them one question, either "What are you reading?" or "Can you hold up the book so I can read the blurb?" I try to limit it to that, but I just, I need to know... ;P

Oh and it disheartens me to know there are so many good books in the world I will never read...

Comic Superzero said...

Yeah, I kind of hate that too. I especially hate it when people talk to me, not only when I'm reading, but when I'm trying to write/type/text something. I just can't freakin' focus on what their saying. And chances are, whether or not it actually is, what ever I'm writing/typing/texting is probably going to be more important to me at the time... because it usually is.

Madame DeFarge said...

Regard them as irritating gnats, mere gadflies, in your life. They will end up working in MacDonalds, where they will struggle to read the menu above their heads.

shanne said...

hey, michael!
just hopped by again.

i had an experience about that. i was reading one book from the twilight saga (can't remember what in particular) and there came a seatmate of mine irking me with her shallow problems. errr. i'd never forget that. i really hate it when people try to steal my attention.

and oh, you're a senior in high school like louise and i? wow. cool. good luck, then. take care. hope you'll be on top of everyone else in your class.

god bless you, michael.

i think i should get a copy of what you were recently reading.


Jane said...

Can't beat people who ask you questions when you're trying to sleep! ;) I'd this experience on a plane!

Michael said...

Louise: They throw your books away? That's horrible... The book is by Norman Lewis. Here it is on Barnes and Nobles, and

Larissa: Same, walking through a library depresses me. I never read blurbs. I like grabbing a book and going straight into it, skipping introductions, prefaces and summaries. It makes it more interesting for me.

Phil: And then you go through the frustrating process of having to listen to a repeat of what they just said, or having to repeat what you just wrote/typed/texted. Sigh.

Madame DeFarge: It actually is a good skill to have, being able to multitask, read and have a conversation at the same time.

Shanne: Refer to my reply to Louise for the links to the book. I'm graduating this year, yes. I wish you the best of luck, too.

Jane: Ah, the air-stewardesses who 'politely' ask you if you'd like the chicken or the beef. Argh.

Toivoa ja Elämän said...

That's an interesting way of going about it. I do that a bit, pick a book not even by its cover, but by its spine on the shelf. Turns out to be rewarding most times, but I am always curious about the opinions that someone may have on a book I am interested in. So I take a look, take note, and when they're done I'll ask them what they think. It comes in handy sometimes (:

Same, walking through a library depresses me. I never read blurbs. I like grabbing a book and going straight into it, skipping introductions, prefaces and summaries. It makes it more interesting for me.

Christine said...

I agree with Madame DeFarge.

Jacynta said...

I tend to ask my Dad questions constantly whilst he is reading just to annoy him. All in good humour of course. It is quite hilarious.

But generally I like to think that I don't ask too many questions when people are trying to read, although I probably don't pay enough attention to remember.

Michael said...

Larissa: I don't read reviews enough. I think it should, as it helps build my skills as a critic.

Christine: Me too.

Jacynta: Probably not. Hehehe.

-Ria Lize- said...

Yeah, I find it annoying too. I had a friend who just asked waaay too many questions while I'm reading and typing something. She knows I want to concentrate, and stealing my attention is definitely not helping.