Tuesday, April 14, 2009

148 - People who yell out the manner in which they just accidentally hurt themselves

"OW, I hit my funny bone on the edge of the table!"
"OW, I stubbed my toe!"
"OW, I accidentally touched the edge of the frying pan!"
"OW, I hit my head on the ceiling!"

It's stupid enough that you caused yourself the pain, but must you shout it out loud for the world to hear? That's imbecility that is incredible to me. Why are you telling me how you hurt yourself? Does it relieve the pain? Do you want to be known for clumsiness and thick-headedness? Does it make either one of us feel better?

No! Don't tell me you ventilated like that as part of a reflex reaction. Are you really garrulous and unpredictably verbal to the point where you really do not have any control over your own mouth? I just can't help but think that you deserved to get hurt after such a reaction as yours.

This is probably God's way of having fun. Using the principle of karma, normally, you would be dealt pain that would exact the degree of your wrongdoing, but in this case, you are dealt the punishment first, as God knows you will react by committing that exact sin. Like I said, God's playing with fate, and there's a touch of irony, of a paradoxical relationship.


Louise said...

"Why are you telling me how you hurt yourself?"

I agree. Complete morons. I tried asking the same question above to a "moron" in the past. He just looked at me and called me an uncaring bitch.

Can't they just scream "OW"? They make people talk about their foolishness. And they get particularly famous at that - famous for being a klutz. They think it's cool to be clumsy all the damn time.

Moronic, really.

Jacynta said...

I can understand your point here.
For many people it is a reflex action to say "ow". But a whole sentence? Come on.
Although saying this I will admit that I have done it myself.

On a school camp a few years back two of my friends had this on-going joke. Every time one of them slipped whilst we were walking up a rocky, loose surfaced mountain, they yelled out the number of how many times they had slipped. So instead of hearing "ow" or anything equivalent, we heard "ONE", "TWO", etc.
It was amusing at the time.

Eugene said...

I haven't heard anything like that. Was it saying OUCH! and then EXPLAINING (in a whisper) why?

(I hope not, 'cause, well, THAT'S ME.)

I often hear stuff like these, though:

"OUCH!!! DAMMIT, YOU $^#&%$#!!! YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!! #^%$@&*!!! ARGH!!!"

(Those were said to an inanimate object. And, personally, I LOVE those violent reactions.)

Toivoa ja Elämän said...

I tend to cry out when I hurt myself, but then I will proceed to describe what happened if it's remotely amusing. Mainly over how uncoordinated I am. But not if people aren't interested.
I agree with Eugene, also. The violent reactions are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Seeking sympathy... it's a human trait.

Michael, you have been awarded an award, please call over to The Tomus Arcanum to pick it up.


JoJO a. said...

When I hurt myself, I swear. Out loud. No restraint.

Then... the string of questions concerning my lack of restraint start catching up on me and I have to explain.

It's a cycle I say.