Wednesday, July 15, 2009

168 - When people reckon I don't drink/smoke/dance with no good reason

The people at my work think it's funny when I drink, smoke and dance, because I don't do it at work. They saw me do all three for the first time a couple days ago when we all went out together. They just laughed, because the me at work is totally different from the me in a club.

I do drink, and I do smoke, and I do dance, when I feel like it. I simply choose not to, when I reject offers and invitations. Just because I don't drink six bottles of beer every night doesn't mean I can't hold my drink, and doesn't mean I'm some coward who listens to my mother's preachings on how alcohol causes damage to your liver. Just because I don't smoke three packs a day doesn't mean I don't know how to, it doesn't mean I care about the risks of lung cancer. And just because I don't bob my head, or tap my foot, to the beat of every upbeat song that's playing around me, doesn't mean I can't/don't/dislike to dance.

I drink and dance a lot. Everybody that really knows me, knows that. Judging by my appearance at work, where I am an employee, is not a fair assessment on the part of my colleagues. I'm there to work, not to pick up girls or anything, why the Hell would I dance, drink my body weight, or light up a cancer stick?

I guess my coming into work with a book in my hand every morning (and after every break) doesn't help my image much either. What kind of club-dancer reads in his spare time? What kind of person possesses a high threshold for alcohol, yet also knows the capital of Kyrgyzstan?

Well, how many people can even pronounce Kyrgyzstan, or point to it on a world map? (Or how about how many people there are that read during their lunch breaks nowadays?)

Bah, screw stereotypes, seriously.

Oh, but about smoking, I really don't smoke a lot. I have to really love you before I'll accept one from you. It's a weird thing, but smoking, for me, is like a special medium by which I can bond with other people, and um... if I don't take one from you, it means I don't want to bond with you over a smoke. I like the smoking, always do, but if I reject your offer, it means I don't like you.


J.J. in L.A. said...

My mom could light up on a Saturday night, then put the cigs in the freezer and not touch them for months. It pissed regular smokers off because they considered it bragging. lol!

Douglas said...

Why do you care what others think? Well, you'll get over that eventually.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Good to see you are active again during my absence, your blog has changed, matured, nice to see.


Ruchi said...

I read in my spare time, and I know where Kyrgystan is!! :P

But its true, I have been typecast coz I refused to go clubbing. I just don't like to, but doesn't mean I don't like to drink or dance or have fun!!

Care for a cigarette? ;)


Madame DeFarge said...

Can't be bothered smoking, never seen the appeal really. Much prefer dancing. Sometimes even to music.

Michelle said...

yes it is funny when you see people out of the work place, of course we are all very different.

good post :)

King of New York Hacks said...

Tell them your too worn out after finishing that bottle of Absinthe and writing your blog !!LOL

Vivienne said...

what about if someone offers you a drink and you reject it - would that be becuase you don't like them?

GTR said...
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Baglady said...

I agree with GTR.

I like that people at work don't know everything about me. I like having a little bit of mystery, something to make me appear interesting. Appear is enough.

Elizabeth said...

I nominate you ~