Monday, February 1, 2010

219 - Misuse of the word 'insomnia'

I've seen a lot of people say how they hate their insomnia, or are proud of their insomnia, but this is all but just a big exaggeration of what's really going on. Insomnia is defined as the persistent difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep despite given the opportunity. It's a medical disorder - there is an inability to initiate sleep, not an unwillingness to. Just because you stay up all night playing online games and chatting to your overseas friends doesn't mean you have it.

There are actual insomniacs out there that suffer from serious, serious symptoms, like chronic depression, and obesity, and severe anxiety disorder... it's insulting to those people that pay thousands of dollars just for professional help. It's like proclaiming you have cancer just because you'e developed a new mole on your arm.

So long as you actually put your head on your pillow, (maybe with the aid of a Dickens book) I bet you'd eventually enter a state of slumber. Please, stop misusing the word insomnia.


gaf85 said...

Michael, The people whom you mention may actually have a disruption of their circadian cyle. In my younger years I tended to be a "night owl".
Maybe we should thank the pharmaceutical industry, there's a pill for that.

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Uniquely Charis said...

I agree with u. I think people just want to find an excuse for their sleeping difficulty, hence just assume it must be insomnia.

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