Monday, February 8, 2010

224 - Hating things "with a passion"

What does "I hate calculus with a passion" even mean?

If by passion, you mean intense hatred - abhorrence so strong you want to crucify it (as in the Passion of Jesus Christ) - then you're just really weird, because as we all know, you cannot kill calculus by nailing it to a cross. What - you're going to hammer a couple of integration questions to a crucifix and stand it up atop a hill?

I don't think so.

You can't simply just say "I hate maths", full-stop? What's wrong with just saying "I hate maths"?

You're pretty much undermining the word hate... You're saying that the word hate is not good enough for you, it does not fully articulate the vehemence you experience. I personally think that the word hate works fine on its own. There's no need for the addition of such nonsense to emphasize. I hate the phrase "with a passion", with a passion!


Lihlipp Brocicooni said...

XD Your pictures are always great!

I agree that simply 'hate' will do. But 'with a passion' is a metaphor. It's pretty much like saying something is 'a piece of cake'. You don't don't really want to crucify calculus, you just really hate it.

Michael said...

I would never say something is a piece of cake.

Unless, of course, it's a piece of cake.