Wednesday, February 3, 2010

221 - Using my bank account to purchase dieting pills

On the 18th of January, after a month of winter holidays, I came back to my cosy room at university, and five parcels at my door. Four of these boxes at my door contained books which I had frivolously bought online during the Boxing Day sales, and the fifth package had two small plastic bottles (pictured above), containing what seemed like some medication. One was labeled AcaiBerry Detox, and the other, Reservatrol Extract. I Googled these names to see what they were, and AcaiBerry Detox was for burning fat, while Reservatrol Extract was for 'cleansing the body'.

I never have, or ever will, purchase pills, for losing weight.

So I then Googled the return address labeled on the package. Apparently, it had originated from somewhere in Scotland near Edinburgh. I Googled the phone number also labeled, and managed to find a forum, where all these people who had actually purchased these pills were talking about how it was actually all a big scam.

Apparently, there were some adverts displayed on Google and on, offering an opportunity to people to try a free trial for these new dieting pills. Signing up for them meant that you were signing up to pay for it, and immediate entering of your banking details was necessary in order to complete the order for the trial. People who received the pills, would then be given 15 days to cancel the order for more if they found the product dissatisfactory, and if not, the company that manufactured these pills would then deduct seventy U. S. dollars every month, for a monthly supply of these pills. The people on the forums all stated these sad, sad statistics, saying they had lost $210 so far, $230, £150, $77.... To top it all off, the pills apparently caused stomach sickness, and brought about no healthy weight loss effect whatsoever.

This scared the crap out of me of course, so I went to check my bank account details online. I had been checking occasionally during the holidays to see when the money for the books I ordered would be deducted, but I had overlooked the fact that some douche called SUP*EXCLUSIVEBERRY had actually taken £4.19 out of my bank account, as shipping cost for the pills to be brought to me.

So I called up my bank, and apparently some malicious hacker had gotten hold of my bank details, and used it to purchase these pills. My bank gave me a new bank card, a new PIN, a new everything, and reimbursed me for the £4.19. It took five days for the new card to get to me, and that was the end.

The internet is a dangerous place, folks. Be careful of what you do on the computer. People can be very mischievous, and very mean. They can insinuate that you're fat.


gaf85 said...

Michael, As Homer might say "doh!" Actually you have warned me now about two different situations regarding people who left comments on my blogs who were probably up to some mischief, so for that I say gracias mi amigo.

Shimmer said...

thats scary! bank accnt details getting hacked.:O
But at lest it was just a small amount, and that you were able to find in time.
Gud tat its all back to norml :)

thanx fr the warning.. have to be more careful 0_0

Elizabeth said...

Well, there's no way to loose weight the easy way.

....I wish there was. ;A;


Michael said...

gaf85: I actually think I got the spyware through similar ads to those on your comments feed. =/

Shimmer: In university, any amount of money is a lot of money. Teehee.

Miss: I've never had the problem of 'getting fat'. I am naturally blessed with skinniness. =/

Naomi said...

What exactly does one do if somebody else got them diet pill they didn't need?