Wednesday, October 7, 2009

174 - Supermarket trolleys that have one bad wheel

When I was a kid, it was such an honor, such a joy, and such a privilege, when my mother or my grandmother, would allow me to push the shopping carts while they picked out the groceries. These carts made going to the supermarket an event that was highly anticipated, they were so unique in their existence, so designed for serving their particular purpose, an extraordinary, unrivaled contrivance, a metallic nest in which to safely lay your eggs, perhaps literally. In the early years of my life, it served as a fun mode of transportation, charging backwards for about fifteen minutes was like a roller-coaster ride in its own, but when you were finally permitted to take hold of the bar and move it for the first time, it was the first time you ever drove anything, which was amazing. To be given the responsibility of conveying all the goods down a dozen aisles (streets), while dodging the other shoppers (traffic), whilst arranging all the merchandise (customers) appropriately in your cart (Toyota), almost made you felt like an adult human being.

But then you grow to be a bit older, and you start to realize that it's not such a glamorous vehicle after all. So you find ways to make it fun, try stepping on top of it after kicking off the ground, treating it like a scooter... or perhaps employ your younger sibling and give him/her a fun, exciting, backwards thrill-ride.

The worst thing that can come up when you pull out the cart out of the whole line of trolleys nested within each other, is a shopping cart that has a busted wheel that just won't go in a straight line like the others. When you drive it, it cannot even be likened to a flat tire - it's paraplegia of the trolley, the wheel just wobbles, and turns the other way when you steer a specific way.

It's terrible. All your anticipation for a fun ride as a kid can be ruined in that instant your mother pulls out a dysfunctional cart, your need for some scooter practice unmet, your hope of giving a child a stimulating joyride crash-lands on the aisle floor as your trolley is revealed to be nothing but a scrap piece of metal with three wheels, the climax of your grocery-shopping journey ruined, your light at the end of the tunnel suddenly blocked, by a damaged wheel, or a dismembered hinge.

You know, they should really just throw out all the bad carts.

Tell me, don't you hate it too?


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It seems like percentage of shopping carts (the American name) with issues has increased dramatically over the years. Our local Wal-Mart has cleverly masked the problem by making you push them over 30 feet of rough tile before you reach the smooth floor of the store. Unless the cart is almost unusable, you will be reluctant to return it for another (that may be as bad or worse).

And I note you didn't mention the jammed carts that won't separate. Man, do I hate that!