Sunday, October 25, 2009

179 - Chavs

So, I have to catch two buses in order to reach ASDA, which, if you didn't know already, is a British supermarket chain that sells foods, clothes, magazines, and miscellaneous paraphernalia. I need to go there because the stuff that they sell in the university supermarket is overpriced, and there isn't as much of a variety on campus. The ASDA in Canterbury is big, and they do a lot of good deals, the choices you have to pick from is great.

Basically, I was waiting for the second bus that takes me to ASDA. It came eventually, and I stepped on board. As the bottom deck of the double-decker bus was crowded, I decided to go upstairs.

Sitting in the front of the second storey of the bus, were these five chavs and chevettes - for all of you unfamiliar with those terms, a stereotypical chav is a British-made derogatory term for a young adult who often engages in rambunctious public behavior, and have little-to-no money and education under their name. A chevette is the female form of chav.

The first thing they did, was say, "It's Jackie Chan walking up the stairs."


One of these stuck-up morons was eating a packet of fries. For what seemed like no good reason at all, she would put one fry in her mouth, then take an alternate one and throw it down the stairs. To me, it seemed like she found it amusing in her own mind. But she wasn't laughing out loud, though, so maybe it was just 'cause she was bored?

She would eat consume one, then throw one on the floor, at the front window, or down the stairs. I watched as her friends didn't seem to give a damn about her littering. One of those friends was actually too busy sticking up the middle finger at random bystanders on the streets and in the windows of some buildings. I was trying to read a book, but this was simply too fascinating to me. I certainly don't think that all English people act this way, I've observed a few lunatic kids back in Hong Kong - but they were definitely some interesting specimens.

The girl with the fries started getting a bit full, I suppose, so she stopped alternating her ingestion and her disposal of fries, and instead, just stuck with throwing them down the stairs.

Maybe her arm got tired?

Because then she just threw the whole packet, still half-full of french fries, down the stairway.

To which my response is, "wow".


Douglas said...

No, you definitely do not have the Jackie Chan nose.

They used to call those Chavs... "hooligans" Any idea what the "chav" is short for and how the term came about?

Michael said...

Nope. Do share.

I was a little bit taken aback by her comment. How dare she, almost. Next time, I'll give them a bit of a shout.

plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Chav is short for Charver, it originated north-east of England. Nice post, by the way.

Louise said...

Ahahahahahahahaha! Oh my gahd it's Michael-slash-Jackie Chan! Ahahaha! No. Peace! :D

I find the girl very weird. Never heard of any kind like her to act the same or anything near. I honestly think people, especially teens, in the West are a bit ruder than here in the East. Lack of discipline, obviously.

Louise said...

No offense... :/

Eugene said...

The girl was in a diet.

An effortless one.

missykimmy said...

Hello there, I've missed your blog! (I've been avoiding blogger as much as I could for a week now, because of exams but it just doesn't work that well.)

I already dislike those chavs and chevettes that were on the bus. I'm glad I don't have to deal with those kinds of people! I mean, I do, but they're not as bad, I think. Haha I laughed so much when you put Jackie Chan's picture next to yours and said "...No." I find it really rude/annoying too when people I don't know make comments like that just because I'm Chinese.

What a waste, those french fries! If the girl had been alone, I would have (probably) told her to pick it all up.

You're still very lucky to be in England, even after all that. I'm planning to visit there soon. (: Great post!

Douglas said...

I know nothing about it. So, Google being what it is and all, I used it. And came up with this:

At the top of the page is an explanation, of sorts, based on what Wiki says. Seems to fit with your experience.

Eveliiina<3 said...

I can't understand why people feel that they need to make comments like that.

Besides, you're too pretty to be compared to Jackie Chan -_- .

Robot Nine said...

Pretty hmmm?
Interesting. Stupid folks are universal. I'm about to start another blog dedicated to the photos of stoops!
Hey Michael, I'm posting the pix of cool inventions tonight with a link back to you.
Thanks for sending the stuff. Funny.

Marcy said...

It's nice to see ignorance is alive and well on both sides of the Atlantic. We Yanks have our fair share of these folks.

Eveliiina<3 said...

Yes, pretty. =)

Michael said...

plentymorefishoutofwater: Thanks, haha.

Louise: Jeez, Louise (never thought that would ever be used actually), that is offensive. You need to watch what you type, missy. Not that I particularly find it insensitive but some of my other readers might take offense, you know? >:(

Eugene: That does make some sense...

missykimmy: People have told me that my blog has therapeutic effects - it cheers them out, releases tension, entertains them when they're bored. Hope I've brightened your day too with my particular flavor of comedy.

Douglas: "hoochiemama". lol. I think what I saw wasn't a chav then, but just a really obnoxious teenager. They were slightly less exposed, and a little more deliberate in their misconduct than the specimen on the link you gave me.

Evelina: Thank you. I think I'm prettier too. (Boy, am I vain?)

Alan: Hahaha, they are universal, someone said that to me after I blogged about it. My friend told me about some really stupid Canadians she knows - brightened my day. Love this forum that I've created for people to share their frustrations.

Marcy: lol, it's 'nice'. I know it's nice. I might talk about the fundamental effects of this blog soon. I find it so interesting that what I've written has turned into this.