Wednesday, October 28, 2009

180 - Catchy songs that play in restaurants

There are many times as I'm sitting in a fast-food restaurant, a pub, a bar, a club, or a high-end, fine dining establishment, when a catchy song comes up and plays as you're eating or drinking. You want to sing along, but you're half-hungry, as well. You want to mouth the words of the song, and see if your company is mouthing them, too, but you want to take a sip of your drink at the same time.

You end up doing a sort of half-chanting, half-consuming showcase, where you cut up your food while singing, but at the moment you would normally bring the fork to your mouth, you wait - you wait until one of your favorite lines go by, before you actually perform the act of ingestion.

Then you get tired of this routine. So you try and anticipate the breaks in the song, the intermissions, interludes and instrumental solos, and only guzzle up your food as fast as you can when there are no lyrics - only to find yourself struggling to swallow quick enough in order to make it for when the chorus of the tune comes up again. You want to sing, but food awkwardly dribbles out of your mouth, drinks go up your nose, you look weird, food is not being chewed, the food is ruined, the drink becomes ruined, and the song gets ruined.

It's even worse when you're dancing in a club. How are you meant to drink, and dance, and sing, all at the same time? The body is only capable of so much!

I absolutely hate it when this happens. It makes no sense for a restaurant to do that to its customers. Do you hate it too?


tattytiara said...

I actually hum when I like what I'm eating whether there's anything to hum along to or not. You're right, though, and I have come to terms with the fact that I am very likely going to die from choking.

Eugene said...



Happens everytime I hear Lady Gaga singing.

And I REALLY take my time to sing a few... some... several... OKAY, EVERY LINE of the song, 'cause, well, I luv her.

And then I continue to eat the table.

BUT, if it's NOT her... well...

"Struggling artists. My ears. MY EARS! *chompchompchew*"

missykimmy said...

For the first two paragraphs, I completely agree and I definitely hate it too. But the song doesn't last for more than four minutes usually, so I can eat and drink as much as I like after the song has ended. I wonder how long the songs last at wherever you eat.

At the club, yeah, you can't do all that at the same time. But you can still hum the song while drinking and dancing. (:

Naomi said...

Do you know what is absolutely hilarious? I almost burst out laughing when people begin singing their favorite lines AFTER they put food in their mouths.I know some people who just CANNOT help themselves. It's just a reflex.

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