Sunday, December 28, 2008

62 - Early Christmas shoppers

The only people worse than the procrastinating idiot that does all his/her shopping on December 24th are the smug morons that do all their shopping in the summertime when everything isn't overpriced or in great demand. You know, I don't even care that you do it (okay, I care a little. I think it's unnecessary). What I can't stand is the fact that you're boasting about it at the Christmas party. Shut up. It's not something to be that proud of.

Now, raise your hands, bloggers, if you're one of these early birds? Or if you're a procrastinator?

Does anybody do it post-Thanksgiving, the way a normal person would do it?


Marcy said...

I'm a total procrastinator. I wait until the week before to get the majority of my shopping done. No real reason why. Maybe I like the rush.

siteseeingcyndi said...

I slowly start my shopping right after thanksgiving but I always seem to have three or four things to get the week before christmas. I hate the people that brag about thier procrastinating. I think it make them look lazy.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm a little bit of both. I saw something one year that I knew my mom would love, so I bought June. But I pick up the gift certificates days before Christmas because the gift cards are, well, Christmas-y.

E. Michelle said...

LOL funny! Yes I am a nerd that shops early. I usually have my shopping done, or most of it anyway, by Sept or Oct.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that, it's not something to be proud of and I find it rather annoying. I buy my presents about a week or two earlier and that's good enough for me!

Anonymous said...

I have already bought my presents for next year. Friday was full of sales here, 70% off in some cases.


Michael said...

Marcy: Ah, yes, the rush. I usually use the rush as an excuse to procrastinate with my homework. Hahaha.

Cyndi: Yes, people who brag about being late the most number of times, the people that brag about having the loudest whistle or the loudest clap, I mean, why on Earth would anybody admire those qualities when they're that annoying in actual fact?

J.J.: Gift cards removes the risk of getting presents you don't want. I think they're smart.

E.Michelle: Wow. That's insane. (Take that as a compliment!)

Vivienne: Good enough for me too. :)

AV: LOL. You win the prize and my utmost respect in the buying-gifts-at-a-suitable-time aspect.

Randa said...

Because I work in retail and hate last minute shoppers, I NEVER do holiday shopping on December 24th or the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, unless I need to get something that requires special ordering, I only shop between those dates and really only start planning on what to get on Thanksgiving break. Mostly because that's the only time that I have.

And people that boast about buying early are annoying to a pulp. Cause seriously, no one really cares.

My boyfriend's mother does all her shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. She doesn't make a list, however, just buys all the cheap stuff and then trys to find someone it fits. I think this is the most annoying gift-buying approach of all.

Comic Superzero said...

This year I went and surprised myself and bought all my presents after Thanksgiving this year, and was done at least a week before Christmas (plus or minus buying cards for my parents... but cards don't count.) I do however procrastinate with other things, such as Mother's Day and stuff. I've been known to go buy her card and/or flowers on Mother's Day. Oh well. What's important is that she gets it... right?

Michael said...

Randa: Ah, yes. There are a lot of annoyances surrounding the Christmas present, aren't there? I also hate it when people don't buy a gift at all (although, I do that).

Phil: lol. Cards. I always buy jewelery for my mother for Mother's day. But small, subtle ones. She likes those. They're cheap. I'm cheap.