Monday, December 1, 2008

35 - 'Bad' blogging

After being here for around a month, I've accumulated a list of some of the things that bug me about other bloggers and their blogs. I'm not naming names here. Oh, but I know I am certainly guilty of some of them myself (I've placed an asterisk beside each of the crimes I'm guilty of committing...)

*1. Bloggers who pride themselves in having a daily blog, but don't actually produce something everyday on time or at all. The same goes for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly blogs.
*2. Blog posts that include excuses for not blogging earlier or at all.
3. Bloggers who act but don't react. They have their own blogs, but they never read anybody else's and don't reply to other people's comments.
4. Bloggers who react but rarely act. They comment on other people's blogs but never produce anything themselves.
5. Bloggers who do nothing but rant but not in an amusing way.
Bloggers whose blogs comprise boring details of their personal life.
7. Bloggers who refer to 'posts' or 'entries' as 'blogs'. Not the same thing, people.
8. Bloggers who appear to believe in quantity over quality.
*9. Bloggers who behave like Nazis and tell others how they should blog or feel they have the right to criticize other people's blogs. Blogging is a personal thing and there is no 'correct' or 'proper' way to do it.
10. Bloggers who have a 'theme' or a 'niche' but disappoint their fans every one in a while by not following it.
*11. Bloggers who tag others in memes and do memes.
12. Bloggers
who have too much crap in their sidebars that it makes a page load really slowly for less advanced computers.
13. Bloggers
who don't enable comments.
14. Bloggers
who don't comment.
15. blgrs hu coment n blog lik dis. God, at least use English like you learned something in school.
16. Bloggers who like to link others to other people's blogs.
17. Bloggers who always blog about blogging.
*18. Bloggers who take pride in having a lot of viewers/followers. (Blogging is about 70% ego, 25% poorly expressed thoughts and 5% interesting content)
*19. Bloggers who always advertise their own blog.
*20. Bloggers who make very little changes to the templates Blogger provide us with.
21. Commenters who make interesting comments but don't have their own blogs with their own thoughts for interested readers to read.
22. Religious blogs - that bring condemnation to others!
23. Bloggers who don't have a display picture.
*24. Bloggers who have display pictures that don't really let others see what they look like.
25. Bloggers who post broken links and don't doublecheck.
26. Bloggers who have bad spelling and don't spellcheck.
27. Bloggers whose grammar is so awful that it's just not understandable.
28. Bloggers whose grammar is simply bad.
*29. Bloggers who post Youtube videos created by other people.
30. Bloggers who publish really, really, really long posts.

Speaking of long posts, you know what? This list can go on forever. Perhaps I'll do a second one on this particular subject in the future, but here are thirty of to begin with.

What about you? What about other bloggers and blogs is annoying for you?


Anonymous said...

Amazing. I've seen myself in many numbers.. lol. XD

Laryissa said...

haha yeah i'm guilty of quite a few
i've tried to comment your blog a couple of times but each time i've been on my wall and it hasn't gone through for some reason and then later on a computer i couldn't be bothered typing it all out again...

yolanda said...

"*9. Bloggers who behave like Nazis and tell others how they should blog or feel they have the right to criticize other people's blogs. Blogging is a personal thing and there is no 'correct' or 'proper' way to do it."

thats probably the most ironic thing youve written today! ;-)

Michael said...

Ares: Nobody's judging - not seriously.

Laryissa: Why on Earth does that happen? That's a real shame...

Yolanda: I know! I noticed that! Call me a Nazi.

Super Mom said...

lmao on #15!!! I HATE HATE HATE that!

And I have to agree, #9 is just a teeny tiny bit hypocritical... :)

I am guilty of many of these, especially number 20. But my excuse is, that I only have a limited amount of time to be on the internet (3 kids, full time job, blah blah blah) so I try to use my time on here to write something... I'll try to take a Saturday and spice up my page a little!!! lol :)

Funny post, thanks for the laughs!

Michael said...

Super Mom,

I know it's hypocritical. I did place an asterisk beside it. I also considered myself guilty of #20 because mine is just a template with three columns instead of two.

Glad I made you laugh.

Anonymous said...

I had to take my socks off to count my sins....


Madame DeFarge said...

Mea cupla, mea cupla, mea maxima cupla. I rather enjoy the prospect of being the evil crime genius or Moriaty of the blog world. I can look forward to a Reichenbach Falls moment. Yahoo.

Madame DeFarge said...

and yes, it was a deliberate spelling mistake.

Anonymous said...

I know that I am guilty with a few of those! not that I do it purposely, but I apologize ahead of time if you've been annoyed with anything relating to my blog. on the other hand though, your posts are always interesting to read and I always look forward to logging on to read them. I haven't had too much time to devote to posting anything myself, but at least I'm trying to keep up in the blogging world!

Michael said...

AV: Oh, I'm sure somebody else can find more sins that I've committed if they tried.

Madame DeFarge: You're eeeeevil...

Jessica: Oh, I'm not outrageously irritated and no need to apologize. You have always been a very good blogger to me and ever since the day you welcomed me on my first day, I've already forgiven you for all sins that may come. My blog is hardly perfect either.

Christine said...

#24 ... (hiding my face in shame) ........ GUILTY!


Anonymous said...

30 reasons why I shy away from blogs and blogging :).

ash said...

Yes! I've annoyed someone! ;)

The only thing that really annoys me is when a post is comprised of a bunch of random thoughts that do not make sense when they are thrown together.

I'm about to be guilty of #19:

Michael said...

I share your annoyance.

And very witty, Ash. Love it.

Shaista. [Lp] said...

God, I think you'd hate my blog..

Anonymous said...

your blog is kind of awesome.

i just started a blog, and this post (or is it a blog?) gave me some good insights on what to avoid. thank you!