Monday, March 9, 2009

127 - When someone invades your privacy

Oh, this post can go in so many directions...

My mother once rummaged through my desk drawer and found a pack of cigarettes that I had hidden in there. She called me up and said she was going to take it because she didn't like me having it. I retorted with: "I didn't take the condoms you hide in your closet, so don't take my cigarettes." And she came back with: "Well, I don't delete your porn off your computer."

Yes, the invasion of privacy. What she said actually infuriated me so much I actually threw my phone on to the floor real hard, which resulted in a shattered phone, and accomplished nothing.

I've read other people's text messages, only because I've had people do it to me. People have abused my trust and gone into my e-mail accounts to look around, and I, too, have guessed a password or two correctly before in my curiosity. There are just so many things that we hide under our beds, in the unknown hidden flaps of our wallets and purses, and, perhaps most interestingly, our heads. Secret entities can come in so many forms: the bottle of rum I occasionally take a sip out of that I placed behind all the other wines and spirits, the diary I locked up and never continued, the tiny notes I have in my friend's pencil case that got passed around in class, the money I'm saving up to spend on parties in the UK slipped in between the pages of a First Aid Guidebook. Everybody hides something, I'm sure.

Very recently, I've talked to someone that means a lot to me, and I haven't spoken to in a while. She really does care about me more than a lot of other people, and I often forget how much she does throughout the years because I rarely see her. The reason we've been avoiding each other, I believe, is because another person, a man, that is close to both of us, will get upset at our interaction. He doesn't like it when things happen behind his back, when things are out of his control.

He has the resources to actually spy on us, and read all my text messages and e-mails, follow me around everywhere I go. That's an invasion of privacy. I would hate it if I found out he's snooping around in my business.


Madame DeFarge said...

Never good at any age to be snooped on. The snooper usually finds out something that they never really wanted to know the reality of. The snooped never trusts them again. I'm truly sorry that your privacy has been invaded. I'm rather attached to my privacy and would run screaming if people knew everything about me.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I believe that you get what you deserve if you snoop. If I say something about someone and that person is standing behind me, listening in, that's not MY fault. I'm talking about family members. My friends don't all know each other so it's not an issue.

Vivienne said...

I'm with JJ - you get what you deserve when you snoop on someone. I did that a while ago and paid my lesson for it. Ever so often though I feel the urge - which is not good BUT I do not act on that urge.

Ares said...

I also started a diary but didn't continue. I was sure someone had been reading it, and I hated it, especially because then was when I was in a depressed state where I mumble nothing sensible to anyone who didn't feel the same. And also because I'm not used to expressing my emotional self to anyone, and there it was just so not "me" and I sounded totally corny.

Michael said...

Madame DeFarge: The truth is never pretty. I think learning to face the truth is more beneficial than learning how to hide it. =\

J.J.: It is. So... what I said to Madame DeFarge.

Vivienne: Mhm.

Ares: Reading someone else's diary is definitely crossing the line. I feel that way about my other blog.

Anonymous said...

I live in las vegas nv in the aviater suits next to the air forse base i can hear the peopl next door and the peopl above me it seems like they are waching my every move i have recording "sound" of them every time i go in the bathroom they are going in it to i know im not crazy becouse my dog can hear them as well