Monday, March 23, 2009

136 - People who only answer one question when you ask multiple questions

This happens too often.

Michael: "Hey, when are we meeting up next week? What time and where?"
Person: "Ummm... the McDonald's in Times Square."
(fifteen seconds of silence later...)
Michael: "Which day and what time?"
Person: "4 o'clock"
(five seconds more...)
Michael: "Uh, huh... and the date?"
Person: "Oh, sorry. ...Um... Thursday."
Michael: "Thank you..."

When I ask multiple questions consecutively, it means I need multiple answers consecutively. Jeez.


Christine said...

Ya ... that sounds like my husband ... drives mw crazy.
It almost feels like I am banging my head against the wall ..

Anonymous said...

I HATE that! You have to keep repeating yourself.
I also hate it when you ask someone something and they don't answer for like five minutes and you repeat the question and they're like - yeah i heard you before -

Madame DeFarge said...

I hate the endless questioning without waiting for an answer. That's just as bad. If we ever met, we'll have to time this very carefully :)

Anonymous said...

my mom is the perfect example for that, worse is, there are times she won't even answer a thing. :\


Jacynta said...

That IS incredibly annoying.

Even more so through text messaging or e-mail, or some other non-personal source.

Derrick said...

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