Tuesday, May 19, 2009

150 - Talking about exams

Like the husband who talks incessantly about his boss and his work and his colleagues at the dinner table in front of his wife and kids, students who chatter non-stop about an examination after the examination is over can be so annoying. Pondering whether or not you got this question right, or that question wrong, or drew this diagram incorrectly, or calculated this distance to the right degree of accuracy, continually for two weeks straight, induces such a headache. All these words being exchanged about how this exam was easy, but that one had a lot of tricky questions, and about how you managed to draw this graph, and how you did this question, scratched it out, and decided to do another one...... why?

Why do you want to talk about it? Why relive the pain, or the boredom, or the feeling of stupidity if you didn't do so well, or, if you did well, the so-called 'challenge' the examiners think will stump you? Why does it matter anymore? What's done is done, no? So why talk about it? Seriously?

Maybe it's fun to compare what we each did, sharing is caring, lalala... After all, going to school is a communal gig. Maybe we just want to have a better idea of how well we fared amongst our class. Maybe we highly value education, and ask everyone about what they put down as their answer so as to confirm or enhance your current amount of knowledge.

Oooooor, maybe you think education is actually a pile of horse poo, and find it funny how badly you did. I personally don't see the humor/sense in that.

Oooooor, maybe you're so confident that you did well, that you just want to show off your wonderful grasp on the information we need to know every minute before and after the exam.

Oooooor, maybe you knew you did badly, and just want to confirm... which makes you sort of sad.

It goes to show how I don't really believe in people's goodness. In conclusion, anyone who talks after exams are either cocky, arrogant showboats, or disappointing good-for-nothings who may or may not be using self-deprecating humor as a defense mechanism. Boo.


My exams are over! I personally try not to bring them up in conversation... but they do, some how, every time.

That means I'm done with high school. For the next two weeks, I celebrate my 18th birthday... I also celebrate graduation. And I also celebrate the coming of summer. More than ninety days of fun until university begins... It's going to be wild.

On September 1st, I should be living and studying in London already. I look forward to writing entries everyday 'til then. Hope you've all been doing well since I've been gone. I'll be blogging more than ever now that I have so much free time. Hehe.


DPhatsez said...

Yo Michael!

Glad you done woth exams!(it is assumed you've done well. No talk required ;) )
Had fun reading your posts till now.

Keep them coming!

Drop by mine when time permits.

18? hmm kid! but still Legallly an adult. Welcome to the real world

Randa said...

Congrats on graduating! That's awesome! And going to study in London? Man, I would love to do that!

have a good summer! Oh, and my birthday is in May, too! I'm turning nineteen, though, but Happy 18th Birthday to you!

Rosalie Bass said...

MICHAEL. Your exams are OVER. Why are you talking to us?! Shouldn't you be out celebrating, clubbing it up, doing whacky senior things? Forking someone's lawn maybe?


J.J. in L.A. said...

My mom talks things to death - and it's annoying. She tells the story of how a neighbor 'wronged' her, like it happened yesterday instead of nearly 10 years ago.

gaf85 said...

Michael, You sound a bit relieved about exams being over. Your student friends seem to need to let go and move on rather than analyze what's already happened.
Very much looking forward to reading your posts again.

Eugene said...

Everytime I overhear someone say, "Hey, how did you do that trigonometric glorbolglosoffe?... OH, REALLY! Chuckalimick WAS THAT EASY?!? I thought you have to limortimify the andelevic factor in that equation!"...

...I know Mathematics were made to hinder my over-all wellness. But, please, don't talk about it ANYMORE. Yeah, yeah, I know you did good about that yumorgossic, BUT CAN YOU JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF? I MEAN, YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE A FUSS HOW GOOD YOU DID. 'Cause, frankly, your fellow 'intelligents' know that crap. It's like COMMON SENSE to them.

So don't shout. Or else I'd give you the deadly punishment of Throwing You Across The Room.

AND? EXAMINATIONS CAN NEVER BE A TOPIC OF A NORMAL HUMAN CONVERSATION. So, if you think you did so well, go tell that to CERN.

Or join Mensa.

Or revive the hidden Illuminati.

But, please, give the rest of humanity some peace of mind THAT THEY'RE NOT HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH YOU.


...Whoopsie, I BURST... Congratulations on the exam, though.

Liz Sedai said...

Aww yay your exams are over! Congrats! I still have until November until my final exams (for ever!) and then I can be free as well.

Michael said...

Arun: That is exactly my thought. No talk required - don't want to gloat, yet don't want to expect too much either. No talk, no talk, no talk.

Randa: Thanks so much. :)

Rosalie: I have - every night. It's been so crazy, and I LOVE IT.

J.J.: My grandpa's like that, talks about things from fifty years ago. Heh.

gaf85: I'm not relieved, I just feel like I've done my job, and am content with what I did. They aren't, though, for whatever reasons. Sigh.

Eugene: :DDDD

Liz: Thanks so much. You hang in there, you're nearly done. :)

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