Sunday, May 24, 2009

153 - When websites require long and complicated passwords

I always have very simple, vanilla passwords. They've worked for me for my entire internet life, and I believe it will always continue to do so until some hacker hacks in. I hate it when a website requires you to have upper-case and lower-case letters, a couple of numerals, some punctuation marks and a space. And then to follow up with a listening of a confirmation code, or a reading of an annoyingly warped and illegible CAPTCHA. I just don't want anyone to break into my account. Are all those requirements being demanded of me really necessary?

Uncomplicated passwords are also easier to remember, and easier to type. How much time in the world is spent remembering and typing out persnickety passwords that require you to scout characters on your keyboard, one after another, that are completely different from each other?

How much of a bitch would it be to type
4$Mj@a(D< out every time you wanted to post a reply on a forum?

If you want a completely labyrinthine Daedalian password from me, then I'm not joining your website.


Douglas said...

When I was working for a living, I had to use the company computer and the company intranet. I had to log into the intranet, and into various applications needed for my work. Each required separate passwords, each password had to be x number of character long, had to contain an odd character or a number, had to have at least one capitalized letter. And I had to change each on a monthly basis. At first, I could rotate between two passwords. Then they decided to demand we not do that. It had to not have been used in the last 90 days. I am so glad I am retired.

KMcJoseph said...

That's why I just use my social security number...

DPhatsez said...

dude! speakin of passwords and Captcha, remove word verification from comment posting :)

Pwd's are a bitch btw!

Eugene said...

I have a life password.

For EVERY website.


(Oh yeah, and I HATE those 'type what is in the image above' kind of stuff. JUST POST MY REPLY, DAMN IT.)

Michael said...

Douglas: Wow, what a test of memory. I would actually like to have a habit of doing that myself with all of my internet passwords, but maybe starting this fall?

KMcJoseph: Why would you divulge such info?!?! Beware the internet stalkers! :O

DPhatsez: Exactly.

Eugene: I have a ton of passwords, but they all follow the same formula on the keyboard. I go by the motion while navigating around the keyboard. If I want to change my password, I just use a different first key, with the same motion from the previous password, and voila, new password.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.