Wednesday, May 27, 2009

155 - Rust on the guitar strings

I have one electric guitar and one classical guitar, and they both have rusty strings. It's my fault for neglecting them, placing them in their respective cases, and putting them in the dark corner of my room for the past two years. I remember I loved playing music on those things, but schoolwork, exams and time spent with classmates consumed me, and got in the way of me actually making some music in my spare time.

My best friend was talking to me the other night on the phone, and he was playing the guitar while doing so. It prompted me to take out mine, and I played and played and played 'til the sun came up, 'cause now I have the time and luxury to do so.

And it feels great, to make music. And to record myself on my computer again, to work on my voice, and to try and play better.

It just irks me that these strings are rusty and making my fingers orange. I have to go buy the strings, and change the strings, and that's such a hassle. Damn me, for not taking care of them continually in the past two years. If I had cleaned them and played them regularly, none of this would have happened.

My poor guitars...


DPhatsez said...

Dude! Get 'em strings changed and Rock on! \m/

Elizabeth said...

I wanna here you sing/play

Ruchi said...

Nice blog!!

But, you seem to be one unhappy person... there seems to be a lot of things that get to you!!

Why don't you try politics, you'll fit right in? :P

Anyways, loved your blog and will comeback for more..Keep posting!!


P.S.: And for someone who doesn't like password verification, I didn't expect you to have one on you comment box.

Michael said...

DPhatsez: I will soon!

Elizabeth: Hmm, maybe...

Ruchi: This isn't serious hating, lol - read my introduction post. I just want to entertain, and I'm glad you are.

About the password verification, I'm afraid of ad-spammation. Hehehe.