Sunday, May 31, 2009

157 - People who never meet their deadlines

I'm not the only one who's bound for University College London in the UK. I have a classmate who also plans on heading to that institution for university. He's an interesting fellow, someone who I feel privileged to know. He's very conversational and straight-forward, and tells a lot of fascinating stories. He doesn't really know how to complement people, though, and he's not the kind of person you would typically look to for consolation. But that doesn't bother me, 'cause I appreciate his cynicism, however, the thing that does annoy me about him is the way he leaves everything 'til the last minute.

No, let me make a correction: he leaves everything 'til after the last minute, after every deadline.

The university wants us to apply for accommodation before the thirty-first of May, and he hasn't done so yet. At the point when I heard this, I was already quite annoyed because I thought I didn't have to think about university applications ever again, as I had managed all the paperwork a while ago now, but apparently not - I have to help this guy out.

He says he didn't receive the application forms from the university. He realized two weeks ago that it's the only university he applied to that hadn't mailed him any information yet.

But it's only at this point that he thought to himself, that maybe he should have sent them an e-mail, asking why. And now he plans to write an e-mail of inquiry, one day after the deadline for the accommodation application.

Seriously, then what? Wait another three weeks for the form to get sent here?

The deadline was the thirty-first of May. You have no guaranteed place to live in anymore.

He's been like this since I first met him, he's been late with his geography coursework, his mathematics coursework, his English essays, and his physics lab reports.

Everybody waits until the last minute before they have to do their work, of course.

But get your shit together before the deadline arrives, because if you really wanted to go to London, like I do, that's what you have to do.


Pavitra .... said...

I know what you mean. Even i get really irritated when things are not done on time...

Anonymous said...

Some people just have to learn things a different way. It may take his procrastination to come and bite him in the hind-end, for him to really think about it. To each, his own.

Randa said...

Man, I had friend like that. She was really cool but always waited until after something was due to worry about it. And then we, her friends, were busy picking up the pieces. It was always annoying.

Don't worry - he'll eventually learn.

Douglas said...

Procrastination is a fine talent. It should be encouraged and accepted by others. Procrastinators make fewer decisions that must be rescinded. Procrastinators provide an environment for control freaks to exploit (which gives them satisfaction). Procrastinators will, if elected to high office, will not make hasty decisions which might lead to wars and other such nasty things.

Appreciate the procrastinators in your midst.

Eveliiina<3 said...

Ah, I love your blog . I think it's hilarious!! :) 'cause you're so right ;)