Friday, May 22, 2009

152 - When people get 'bright ideas' when a pen runs out of ink

When pens run out of ink, what are you supposed to do?

I hate shaking them, 'cause I've seen pens splutter all over the place like a guy with a terrible lisp. Sort of like cannons loaded to the muzzle with ink, people unintentionally blow an all-consuming blackness everywhere at a single discharge. That's really idiotic, and I hate seeing it happen, and I hated it when it happened to me the first and only time. Of course, the solution is to keep the cap on, then shake it. Sometimes, the ink's simply stuck in the barrel.

And what about licking the tip of the pen?

I was watching one of my classmates do this during an exam, and I couldn't help but smile to myself as I looked at him because... it's just stupid. You're licking the pen. Licking, the pen.

What has this world come to?

After the exam, he had blue ink on his lips and his tongue, and I had to fight hard not to laugh. It's so funny what some people do sometimes without even knowing it. I just think it's such a ridiculously bad habit a lot of people have, and unless something is edible (or sexual), I don't think you should lick anything.

Licking a pen... jeez.


J.J. in L.A. said...

The only thing I lick is my fingers while eating something yummy.

I'll take a pen to paper, trying to get the pen to work. If the paper gets shredded, I throw the pen away.

DPhatsez said...

KFC- It's finger lickin' good!

"unless something is edible (or sexual)"
Agreed! \m/

Louise said...

I LOLed. xD

Hehehe. Wow, such bright ideas, really.

"...unless something is edible (or sexual)" ---I don't understand. Or am I just a simpleton, still? :-?

Marcy said...

Welcome back!

Licking a pen. Gross, but I think I've done it. I know I've taken a lighter the end of a pen to get more ink.

Eugene said...

I'm familiar with people shaking pens like a thermometer...


(And much less a person LICKING a pen.)

(Is it tasty? Will it cure my insomnia? Is it a panacea? Is it an anti-aging product? Is it IN?)

(I'm SO gonna try that.)


Douglas said...

Those are bright ideas, then, are they? I wonder where we learn them? Surely, it is not some evolutionary instinct?

vilges suola said...

Never seen anyone lick their pen, but clicking their pens is another matter. A classful of students clicking biros is enough to make me want to have them all shot. And Japanese boys in particular have this irritating habit of performing clever flicking tricks with their pens, a sort of miniature version of baton twirling. So I am going to put a sign up in my classroom this summer:
'Pens: No Licking, Clicking or Flicking'.

Rosalie Bass said...

I am the type of person that licks their finger, then put the wet finger on top of the pen. It's easier, and it avoids the whole inked tongue ordeal.

KMcJoseph said...

I only get good ideas when I'm asleep.

Michael said...

J.J.: I can't rant about people who lick their fingers because I always do that after eating french fries or chips, or if I get sauce on my hand somewhere. It's just common sense - don't waste food!

Arun: Ah, KFC is good. Yum.

Louise: It's not for everyone, that's all I can say...

Marcy: That is a very brilliant idea. Until the pen melts.

Eugene: Why cure your insomnia? The night breeds bizarre and beautiful creatures like us.

Douglas: When you said "I wonder where we learn them?", I could only think of one thing that we shake.

Vilges Suola: The pen tricks are really cool to look at, I must say. Clicking, I could do without too. It makes me so anxious, waiting for the moment that clip to snap.

Sheila: But your finger is inked! :O

KMcJoseph: Weird, 'cause it's the total opposite for me.

rawcogs said...

I would say, if it helps to lick the pen, then why not, it's better than failing the exam cos you're afraid to get malaria or summat. But i still agree with ye, we all know what the tongue is originally made for..

Michael said...

rawcogs: Malaria? No, it's just a bit embarrassing to have ink on your mouth. I bring a back-up pen. Hahaha.