Monday, January 18, 2010

212 - People staring at me carrying a big suitcase

(I'm a little drunk right now, so bear with me.)

Over the course of my life, I've been traveling very, very frequently. Every country is different, every country brings its own unique personality, its own people, its own language, its own food, everything is special. However, there is one thing common to all my tourist destinations, one thing that pervades all communities, all nationalities, all people from different countries - and that common theme is the act of staring at a foreigner when they're dragging a large suitcase around town.

Yesterday, I came back to university. I had to lug around a suitcase, filled with books and clothes and other things, heavier than I was. It took me around three hours, and the whole way back, people in the train, in town, at the bus stop, and at the university, were staring at this weird Asian guy trying to push around a suitcase 6kg heavier than he is. (An incredible feat for a human being and something I'm quite proud of, I must say.)

While they were staring at me, all that was going through my mind was, "Why are all the English people staring at me?"

You know, when I have such a big suitcase with me, being Asian, being a new immigrant to this country, with nobody in Canterbury I knew from before to go through this with, there's nothing that makes me more humiliated and self-conscious then having fifty people observing every little thing I'm doing.

Anyway, before I go off on an outrageous tangent in my drunken state of torpor, I'm going to stop here and just wish you all a good time. Hahaha.


J.J. in L.A. said...

Now you know how I felt/feel when I walked on crutches (for 17 years) and being in a wheelchair (for 15 years).

Welcome to the party!

Tempo said...

I guess they were wondering if there were any asian bombers and how much explosive could be packed into one very large suitcase... :-)

Naomi said...

Sticking to the abnormally large object subject, someone at my school wore an entire bodysuit because it was below zero Fahrenheit, and couldn't fit it inside his locker and had to wear it the entire day.

Michael said...

J.J.: I hate people who stare. I want to throw my suitcase at them.

Tempo: East Asian people don't bomb anyone... :(

Naomi: Wow, that's a bit extreme. I would rather go around school in my underwear. :D