Monday, January 25, 2010

214 - Leaving a perfectly good bag next to a hot lamp

As you can see from the photograph above, the side of my schoolbag has a great, big hole in it. I had actually left it in contact with the light bulb of my bedside lamp, and after I fell asleep reading a book, the intense heat of the bulb burnt the bag right through. I woke up to the smell of burnt fabric - not cloth, though - nylon infused with plastic. And we all know what burnt plastic smells like.

There's also a problem with the heater in my room. It seems that the university wants us to feel like we're on a tropical island. I think they might be a little paranoid in thinking we're sensitive to the cold, because they've adjusted the entire building's central heating system to provide to us, via each and every heater, with too-hot-to-even-wear-a-T-shirt temperatures. That's right. I'm not wearing a shirt right now. And I'm still sweating. And this is happening in all the rooms. We didn't pay for a five-star suite, so we don't get to moderate our own room temperature. Ridiculous, isn't it?

I've accidentally left a few electrical cords lying on top of the radiator emitting the hellish heatwaves, the electrical cords I use to supply my bedside lamp, or phone charger, with electricity. The rubber coating of the cords has melted slightly and has been deformed. Another example of my carelessness before going to sleep. And I feel pretty stupid about that.

And I hate it.

Sorry, folks, for this is not being a very inspired post. I haven't slept in two days, so I'm pretty exhausted right now. But have you, or anyone else, ever been a fire hazard?


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Naomi said...

My dog has taken to chewing electrical devices, which is not making my week any better.

Douglas said...

When I was working in Virginia, where they have winters (but deny it) and summers (and swelter in them), an odd phenomenon became apparent. I found myself bring jackets to work in the summer and wearing light clothing (under heavy coats) in winter. The average indoor temperature in the summer would be 68F while the average indoor winter temp would be about 80F.

Boomer Pie said...

Hey, if you look at your bag from the side looks like a baby grouper fish...frowning. So you have actually created a work of abstract art. Congratulations! I signed up to follow. How about returning the favor?

Michael said...

Naomi: Oh, my. Does your dog get shocked?

Douglas: I'm not one to notice the weather/climate much. I don't care about what the meteorologists say because I think it's... 'braver' to face whatever Nature throws at us.

Boomer Pie: I do see the resemblance, although it still doesn't make me feel any better. Will stop by yours later.