Thursday, January 21, 2010

213 - Disobeying rules on a commercial aircraft

There are many rules that they instruct you to follow on a plane, such as when taking off and landing, you must bring up the tray, bring the foot rest up, ensure that your seat is back in the upright position, switch off your mobile phones and all other electronic devices, open up the airplane windows, and be seated with your seat belt on.

All of them seem pretty straight-forward to me, so why do some bozos continue resting their feet on the foot rest, or continue reading the paper, with their wrists on the tray down behind it? Is a reminder from the flight attendant really necessary? Could it not be avoided?

The people who fail to put on their seat belt when told to by the pilot through his speaker system are so irritating. Putting on your seat belt is pretty much the very first rule they give you, along with 'no smoking'. Hell, they even give these two rules their own little special place above each and every seat, just to screw it into our heads for those who have bad hearing or lack cognitive skills. Yet people still stand up like there's no flamboyant, effeminate air steward, wearing mascara, foundation and a little pink scarf, that's going to come along, and exclaim your clothes are tasteless, and then tell you that they're going to have to ask you to sit down, since the plane is landing soon.

The rule (or should I just call it an announcement from the flight attendant that interrupts the music, games and television shows on our screens) that everybody seems to ignore is the one telling us to get our headphones ready to return to the airline. It manages to go into some people's ears and out the other, and then five minutes after the flight attendant has made this little bulletin, in the middle of listening to one of their favorite concertos, or watching Ice Age 2, UH OH! It's time to give them back to the lady with the bag full of headphones!

And after the lady with the bag full of headphones walks by these passengers, I know that they're sitting there thinking to themselves, "Damn, they really should have warned us earlier. I was enjoying that song/film/episode/game..."


Sometimes, I really hate flying, but it's got nothing to do with heights or enclosed spaces...


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RenRexx said...

no matter how many times i've gotten on a plane, i always listen to the announcement. i must be the only one.

Douglas said...

I no longer fly. It has everything to do with feeling like cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Naomi said...

I've been in planes since I was two months old. One of the weirdest flights was from New York to London. Someone started playing with my hair, and kept on accidentally yanking it. For whatever reason, people think it is ok to harass me.

Michael said...

RenRexx: I'm the total opposite. I blank out completely.

Douglas: I fly very often, but after every flight, I still feel like I've downed a whole bottle of tequila.

Naomi: Ew, why??