Monday, January 4, 2010

207 - When people make the world revolve around me

My closest friends will tell you that I hate it when people always ask me how I am and what's up with me. They will tell you that I reckon my mother and my father and the rest of my family do it too often. My friends will tell you that my acquaintances don't know that it annoys me. They will tell you that sometimes even they, themselves, forget that I don't like revealing that much about myself when we're having a conversation. I just find it annoying when people ask me about me too much. If I wanted to talk to them about something, I would talk to them about it, right?

But I really don't blame them for asking about me. They're just expressing their care for me and want updates on my life. I blame myself mostly for this annoyance. I blame me for putting myself into situations that warrant people's attentions - it is a constant struggle to balance: doing what I want in front of others, while also conveying that I would like my own secrets, private life and alone time. My mother knows that struggle all too well with me, my father would drink to that privacy, and my friends would tell you that achieving that balance with me is one of the keys to being my friend. I prefer solving problems myself - unless I can't really help it. That includes sorting out my own time, money, relationships with people, and my own emotions.

So, please, my readers, I must make something very clear. I do not request advisement of any kind on this blog. I am no longer the bad-tempered kid I was a year ago that needs counsel. I don't need advice on how to tackle this problem or that, how to survive the meaningless chat when running into acquaintances or how to keep my chin up when someone ruins my day. Your encouragement is not needed here. Your questions of concern, I will not answer. All the personal stuff is what my other blog is for - in that blog, is where I have my space to be egotistical, and where I would appreciate kind words.

This is for you. To make you laugh, to make you empathize, to make you hit the surface of your desk in agreement and go, "Man, that irritates me, as well!"

I'm asking you, do you hate it too? Don't you hate it too when people make the world revolve around you?

I find it a little bit funny that by asking you that question, it then kind of makes the world revolve around you... and so if you do concur and do hate it too, then I would effectively be doing the very same thing we both hate, in the very same post. Hmm...


RenRexx said...

it's not that i hate it that other people can make the world revolve around me, but do you sometimes get worried if you were responsible for a girl's happiness, and she depended on you for it?

i know most men don't want to be solely responsible for that.

Michael said...

I would take on that responsibility, but I wouldn't smother my child. I can't know for certain until I experience it, though, but I think I definitely will keep the thoughts I had in my youth in mind when I come to be a parent.

Douglas said...

So... how are you doing?

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Knowing your stance, I do hate it when the world revolves around you. I don't hate it when it revolves around me, though. Heck, I'd love to experience that for a moment or two.

Pavitra .... said...

I get what you mean. I don't liked to be asked too many questions about myself either.
Happy new year!

Michael said...

Douglas: Oh, well, that depends on how you are.

Robyn: From some people, we need less attention. From some others, we need more.

Pavitra: Happy New Year! :D

camobel said...

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