Sunday, November 30, 2008

34 - People who are disorganized

I was struggling to come up with ideas today, which is a good thing as it indicates that nothing today really struck me as annoying. As I was lying here on my bed, with my pillows alongside me and physics notes and textbooks spread out all over my bed (we have a physics examination tomorrow), I wondered why my mind had gone blank. The reason is (of course) that I lack the organizational skills. All of my posts for the past thirty-three days have been conjured up on the day they were published and because of this, I am setting myself up for days like these where I can't think of anything.

What would be wiser is if I planned ahead for my posts, but this, to me, is something that's easier said than done. I don't ever prepare for many things such as exams or for emergency situations and quite frankly, I suck at managing my own time and money. I borrow money off others when my allowance runs out at the end of the week, I always end up doing last-minute revision for my exams and I stay up late at night, for many nights, doing homework that's due the next day. It's annoying for others and it annoys me too. I have a ton of things I should be doing aside from blogging here, but procrastination and failure to prioritize has led me astray from the straight path of righteousness into the dark wood of self-deprecation.

Anyway... I am organized in some ways. I've planned a few parties and outings and they always were successful and everything went according to plan. I have considerable OCD when it comes to lists that just have to be alphabetized or numbered in chronological order or in order of preference/priority. I'm a teenager and I tidy my room at least once every fortnight, all sheets of paper in my room are filed in appropriate folders and everything on my computer is categorized and there are no stray documents. The skills that I have in these sorts of areas make me loathe the ones that lack it.

I hate it when people can't remember what homework there is or when it's due. For most of my time at school, I've been able to remember what I have to do once the teacher tells us to. I respect those that take that approach of memorizing it in their imaginary calendars and I like the people who jot it down in their diaries if they know they'll forget. But for those with chronic memory loss, they don't seem to care very much. Sometimes, it takes them forever for one of my friends to find a sheet in the lost archives within their bag. They lose things or homework slips their mind and the teachers have to tolerate it and give them additional time or resources.

Being disorganized is not a good habit to develop or to have. Organization is not only vital for students to have in order to get good results, but it's also important for parents and teacher that are held responsible for children that don't know any better and for anybody in any line of work so as to get paid at the end of each month. It's also important for oneself, because everyone needs to manage their own life in order for their lives to be sustained and for them to improve. Otherwise, the world will just eat you up.

(Sorry. Couldn't think of anything else to end it with, but that is the gist of what I'm essentially trying to say.)


Robot Nine said...

Yes. Sorry, it's all I could think to say!

Madame DeFarge said...

Good luck with the physics exam tomorrow.

I use a small notebook for blog ideas and whenever the muse strikes, I scribble it down. It at least provides me with a range of ideas, if nothing more.

Try not to be so hard on people who are numpties. Us superfab types are marvellous but we do need other people to make us look even better.

I expect nothing less than an 'A'.

Good luck!

ash said...

I've been living with ADHD my whole life and it drives me crazy sometimes. Now I carry around a notebook in my purse so I can write down important things not to forget. I've also found using a blackberry helps me stay organized.

(I love margaritas, too!)

Douglas said...

If I could figure out how to post a pic in a comment, I'd show you what my office desk looked like and maybe even my current desk at home. Can you say "chaos"?

Michael said...

Madame DeFarge and ash,

I'm not a notebook-carryin' sort of guy. I will perhaps learn to keep a fine eye as I go by my day, and try and remember it with my raw memory.

Christine said...

Oh dear, I am in paper h%ll ... truely out of controll!!
I so admire other people that can file and organize with such swift and ease ... heavy sigh ...

Anonymous said...

Leave us disoranized people alone -.-

Anonymous said...

oucccccch. *kidding*

hmmm. i hate it when

..i don't remember what my assignments are and when they are due. :D

~organizational skills can be learned But a great deal of self-discipline is highly-needed, for sure.


Anonymous said...

My chaos is my filing system, I know exactly where everything is. Somebody tidies up and I am lost. I can't even find a thing where it should be. It's a dosestr!


yolanda said...

im actually very organised about my work, and thoughts. have a great memory for detail and conversations. but then i will leave keys in doors, get lost in an area i have been in several times, and forget people's names or, even worse, faces.

its funny how we're all such a mass of contradictions :-)

Quiet Observer said...

We have lot in common. I do tend to proscratinate but when I set my mind to it, I like things to be very exact. And as far as planning ideas for the blog, it takes away from the fun. If it becomes a chore, then you might stifle some creativity. Whenever it comes, that's when you get your best stuff.

Michael said...

Everyone: It seems like we all do have a mass of contradictions. When I come to think about it, have you ever met anyone that was perfectly organized? Those people are scary...

Quiet Observer: I intended to make this a daily blog. I must follow it because I've never managed to work on my writing in a continuous way. This blog isn't exactly English in its perfect form but it helps me practice and God knows I need it.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm with Douglas - you should see the mess that is my desk. I redecorated 3 years ago and the room looked...sterile. It didn't feel like "home" til it was a little messy. I like to call it 'organized chaos' because I do know where everything is.

And I'm the Queen of Procrastination! I was supposed to make phone calls yesterday but I never picked up the phone. Today, the most important calls were taken care of by 1 pm. I have to feel "in the mood" to get things done but if I have a deadline, for some reason, that seems to work.

As far as blogs go, I write about things that occur to me out of the blue. Heck, I even decided to start my blog on a whim, without knowing what I wanted it to be about.