Friday, November 6, 2009

183 - Irrelevance

I hate it whenever I listen to or read something that is irrelevant to what I expected antecedently.

The title of a blog post, for instance, usually is a pretty accurate indication of things to come. When you're, instead, given text that contains no relation to the topic asserted at the top of the page, the blogger responsible for putting those words there makes you feel cheated of your time.

It's worse when you've actually purchased a material object, a book, or a DVD, for example, that reads on the back a convincing synopsis that makes the tale sound highly captivating, when in reality, it's pages and pages of filler content and countless tedious digressions from something normal people would call 'a plot', a little thing that may or may not be known to exist by some writers. (Think of just about any parody film made in the past decade, or perhaps Twilight. Of course Stephanie Meyer manages to describe the happenings that revolve around the heroic paragon that is Edward Cullen, but it is silly, and meaningless, and devoid of any explicit themes or deep characterization. But I suppose that's just my opinion.)

When a cheeky writer actually fools you into putting bread on their table and paying them viewership for a given product or service, you almost feel so dense to actually pay with your own time and money.

Whether it's a lecturer's words that lack any connection to your university course, or a friend's total inability to stay focused on the subject at hand, an American president's speech that carries no bearing on anything related to current affairs, or the 7 o'clock news describing celebrity scoop as groundbreaking information, irrelevance haunts us everywhere, everyday. It would be great if people would just appreciate the importance of remaining to the purpose as they act on a daily basis, but this isn't a perfect world.

Tell me, folks, do you hate it too?


Jenny said...

first of all, you're a great writer!

second, yes, you're right.. nowadays, some people are trying to deceive others. and it's not so funny to be cheated.

Ani said...

I must agree with you here. Partucularly in reference to Twilight, which friends and friends of friends ranted about passionately. According to them it was a brilliant read and the film was astounding, so out i go and spend my hard earned pounds on the biggest pile of crap i have ever read or watched in my life. I was angry.

A brilliant read is for example, Hearts In Atlantis by Stephen King. Where fantasy is concerned its anything by Terry Pratchett.

Twilight was written by a bored housewife who even states that she bases the character of Bella on herself. In otherwords she is mediocre and only has one flaw.

Sorry, rant over!

Although when it comes to blog titling im pretty sure a few of my own will be misleadig.

Ani x

Douglas said...

A clever blog title entices. Like the sexy people on those bodice-rippers my lovely Faye likes to read, a title is merely a lure. As are the blurbs on the book's jacket. Or the coy smile on the young lady's face.

Michael said...

Jenny: Haha, thank you. I think yours is wonderful as well.

Ani: As much as I may sound like I'm well-read or say that I'm well-read, I'm not. I will have to add those books you mentioned to my pile. :)

Douglas: I've never read those novels before. In a way, I'm intrigued, but then I tend to associate my taste with classics and Nobel Prize winners, and the works your Faye reads are quite a different story.

Naomi said...
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Naomi said...

Strictly speaking, Twilight is about a hundred year old man that glitters and climbs into teenager's rooms to watch them sleep, only to later become involved in controlling relationships with them.

Anonymous said...

I just get annoyed with spam, you ask a question on a forum and somebody comes along and just plunks their url, totally irrelevant.