Monday, November 16, 2009

189 - When people complain about the weather

It's so damn annoying when you hear people complain about the weather. 15°C is too cold, 20°C is too hot, and when it's 17°C, it just so happens to be too windy for one's liking. They don't know hot until they've been to Brunei or the Central African Republic, they don't know cold until they've been to Norway or northern China. Face a drought in central Australia, or a snowmelt flood in Minnesota, or a negative 24°C hailstorm in Munich, before you start complaining about the climate where you live, and perhaps blurt out your opinion and vague understanding of global warming. You don't know how good you have it until you've been to the extremities of the world, meteorology-wise. If it's cold, wear thicker clothes. If it's raining, bring an umbrella with you. You don't need your mother to teach you that much. Grumbling on and on about it isn't going to change the weather, so quit complaining!


Elizabeth said...

Mister sounds super annoyed

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed this hasn't been mentioned before :P

Jacynta said...

"20°C is too hot"? This one actually makes me laugh. Living in Australia makes you just a little bit tolerant when it comes to heat. Not heaps in South Australia, not to the same extremes as some other states, but enough.
I do get where this post is coming from though and I am guilty of this one. I can't stand the cold. With poor circulation my hands a feet go cold really easily and I often can't sleep because of it.
But I do understand how complaining doesn't make the weather change. So why complain at all?

missykimmy said...

It's about 29°C here and I may have briefly complained about it, I must admit. True, it doesn't change anything to complain about the weather, but at least people will understand why you're more crabby today than any other day. (:

Also, I like to believe it helps to take out your frustration. Isn't it what this blog is all about? Complaining about the things that frustrate you/us?

What I hate is when the complaining does not stop.

Hope you're well. I kind of agree with Elizabeth here.

tattytiara said...

Yeah we all whine and act like we're going to die when it hits zero in the fall here, but then when it climbs back up to zero in the spring we're all out on the lawn having snowball fights in our bikinis. Fickle, fickle Canadians!

Marcy said...

I complain when the weatherman predicts 6 inches of snow but we end up getting over 24 inches. Big difference. Just happened to us last week.

Otherwise, I tolerate whatever mother nature throws at me (within reason, of course).

Chicagoans always complained about the cold and snow. I never understood why. It's the midwest. It snows in the winter. Very annoying.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This California gal cries like a baby when the weather drops below 68F (not sure of the Celius equivalent, but it's pretty damn warm). I hate it when I do that!

Amanda. said...

Although I understand what you're saying, I think most people have done this at least a couple times in their life, but yes, it's annoying, and it is hard to feel bad for someone for being cold when they didn't wear a coat or anything like that.

Michael said...

Miss: He is!

Liz: I know, right?

Jacynta: Why complain at all, is the question I ask about everyone who complains, with regards to anything. People need to shut up, and if they did, I wouldn't have to devote a whole blog to these people.

Kimmy: Another reason I started blogging was to maybe let people know what I find stupid and why. Then they might see the logic in it, and quit complaining. Although I do complain about everything here, I complain because other people have 'wronged' first. As I say in the beginning, it's about all the laughable things people do. It's not that I blame them for feeling cold or not. I blame them for not having the brains to wear the suitable attire on a weathered day.

tattytiara: Now this may surprise you, but I like the idea of bikini snowball fights. At least you're embracing the weather - so do more of that! :D

Marcy: Weatherpeople can be very annoying, indeed. Blame it on the meteorologists, I believe it's a pseudoscience.

Robyn: Yup! You deserve to freeze!

Amanda: I like to brave the bad weather, instead of complain about it. It makes me a tolerant person, and gives me body a good beating, you know... makes me feel tougher! I know that sounds weird.

madeline said...

hey there michael,

thanks for leaving me a little message. it was nice :D.

so yeah, i found your blog through my friend james' blog (jameisnot) :D and i must say i do like your blog, i can relate to some of it, in particular the ones about friends and expectations and all that kinda stuff, :) ummm yeeeaahh.

so yes. it has been quite hot lately and occasionally dry, the weather for the last 2-3 months has been very strange, you never really know what you're going to get in one day, but i kinda like it anyway because it keeps things a little interesting.

anyway it's all good and thanks for following my blog :) i too like it when i see my followers have gone up by one :))


stardust said...

hey :))
you said it right !!
nice attitude !!
just loved it.......