Monday, November 9, 2009

185 - When people enjoy reading my blog but don't let me know

Lots to discuss today, but first of all, Do you hate it too? was awarded the 'Over The Top' Award by Marcy over at Tales of the Kids. Check out the award on my other blog here! You can also admire it as it proudly stands in my left sidebar.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the good stuff.


Have you ever tried Googling your own name to see what you find? (Apparently, there's a Michael Rivera that plays minor league baseball, and another Michael Rivera who appeared as an extra under the title, 'Spanish Guy', on
The Wire.)

What about Googling your own blog? Have you ever tried that?

For those bloggers out there that have been at it for a while, you might find a couple of surprises if you Google-search your blog's title or your blog's URL. Apparently, there's a Slovak fan out there who tried to post a link to my blog on a Slovak Wikipedia article. I suspect he's the same guy that tried to get me more attention in Slovakia by posting my URL on an online automobile-related forum. I don't know if any of you even remember when this happened about a year ago, but last November, I was slightly confused by my Flagcounter, showing a huge boom in the number of Slovak viewers. (It still stands as the 8th top country to visit
Do you hate it too?) I guess now, I finally have my explanation.

I just find it fascinating how so many people from so many different countries have seen what I have produced, yet I only really know who a select few of them are. Apparently, I also have a lot of fan girls in the US, Australia, and most of all, the Philippines. They apparently praise my eloquence and amazingness, and somewhat act like my groupies, which I find quite flattering and am almost a little bit embarrassed about. (Jonessa from the Philippines, I know you're out there!)

There is apparently a non-profit, non-commercial organization called
Hong Kong Blog Reviews that wrote a lovely, truly complimentary review of my blog and my personality, making me feel so incredibly special, not just to my mother anymore, but to the city in which I grew up in as well. (If you wish to read what the review says, you can click here. I'm sure you would agree that those are really, really nice things to say about a guy who enjoys writing for other people's entertainment.)

If you haven't noticed, I have got a GeoGlobe widget on my left sidebar. It's pretty cool, and it tells me where in the world people are from. I can tell it's probably Douglas if a green dot appears on Florida, or it's Fish if it appears on Liverpool, or AV if it appears from Rio.

But who the Hell is visiting me from San Antonio, Melbourne and Bombay? What about Søborg, Denmark? Or Butterworth, Malaysia? And how many of you actually know me in real life?

I am confused by you people who come by and leave without a trace.
I feel highly perturbed.
And I hate it.
(You heard me.)
(I am blogging about you today.)
(So, leave a comment.)
(Or send me an e-mail.)
(Or leave a message on my BRAND NEW chat widget ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDEBAR.)
(Otherwise I will weep at night in my consternation.)


Jacynta said...

Thanks for following my blog. I enjoy reading yours. It's wonderful how you string the words together an write something which other people can connect to. I've been reading your blog for a while now and comment every now and then, but not often.
I'm from Adelaide =)

I do kind of hate this one too. I have people who follow my blog, yet have never commented and people who have commented once or twice, but don't follow. It becomes very confusing and I often wonder who actually does read my blog.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog! I'm from Melbourne :D
And obviously I don't know you in real life :P

Michael said...

lol, I know where both of you are from. I know you are my loyal readers, and in no way am I referring to you.

missykimmy said...

So I guess you're not referring to me either haha. I hate it too; people visit but don't comment - even when I try to speak their language for fear that they can't read English. >.>

But it's okay, I guess, as long as you have those loyal readers and commentors who let you know they're out there reading about your life in a non-creepy way.

And I must agree with Jacynta. Some people follow but never comment. I hate that the most.

Anonymous said...

I came, I commented, I left...



Douglas said...

We will seek them out and put them on The List.

Lihlipp Brocicooni said...

Ooh. Sorry about never leaving comments. I really enjoy your blog, I just don't comment much on things because I always think that I'll do something to make myself look like an annoying idiot.
~Person who is the dot on the capital district of New York

Marcy said...

So, I did a google search on my name and I found links to my blogs on other sites. I'm glad I was mentioned but couldn't they have let me know? Maybe I should be glad they didn't steal my content.

But then again, I know I'm guilty of visiting blogs and not leaving a comment.

Oh and I'm the dot in Montana. :)

gaf85 said...

Michael, I guess some people are silent visitors while others may leave their comments. Either way though I always enjoy what you have to say and I am so happy you have received the recognition your blog deserves. You are a unique individual and that is definitely reflected in your writings.
I like your new gadget!

Ruchi said...

Just so you know, I am the dot from Bombay!! :)


SquirrelQueen said...

If you see a dot that says Walla Walla, WA it was me! Why do people always laugh when I say I'm from Walla Walla?

Crystal said...

Hi Micheal, greetings from a current FIS-er who enjoys your blog but never leaves comments! I found it randomly on facebook and here I am. Hope all is going well in university:)

Kate said...

Too scared not to comment. I cracked I commented!

Kate xx

Michael said...

Kimmy: Wow, learning a new language. I sometimes try to do that, then I feel like an idiot when there's no response. Maybe I said something wrong in their language? I don't know?

AV: lol, appreciate it.

Douglas: Will you hunt them down for me?

Lihlipp: Hahaha, no need to apologize, and thank you for taking ten minutes to find the chatbox. It's a pleasure to know you're coming here from New York, and you're certainly not acting like an annoying idiot to me.

Marcy: Ah, read me new post on copyrighting. Protect your content! It is weird how people do things without letting you know, isn't it?

gaf85: I think I have some disorder. The unclaimed dots on my new gadget confuse me and make me angry/depressed/confused/frustrated!

Ruchi: Haha, cool!

SquirrelQueen: AWESOME name for a city.

Crystal: Hahaha, cool. Only two other people from my real-life have ever left a comment. You totally should leave more. :)

Kate: Yay! Don't be scared. It makes me happy!