Sunday, February 15, 2009

109 - Bombarding vegetarians with questions

I don't know if there's a handful of vegetarians out there that actually nibble on a chicken wing every now and then, but seriously, "So you don't eat any meat?" has to be one of the most idiotic questions to ask a vegetarian, or a human being.

Some would say I'm just jealous of the attention vegetarians get, but really, I mean, asking them when they last ate meat, what they think meat tastes like, why they chose to be a vegetarian, what do they do to get protein, what do their friends and family think of vegetarianism, what happens if they eat a hamburger, will they encourage their kids to be vegetarians, blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah... I don't think it's really that great a topic. I don't think it deserves that much focus by a pair or a group of individuals.

Come on!

Are you really that interested?
... Really?

Sigh, well, as they say, small things amuse small minds.

... I suggest you just shut up, and drink your soup.


King Kid Dominic said...

Haha. Yes, people do ask stupid, pointless questions. I can understand the annoyance. xx

Ares said...

That kind of curiosity irks me. Or like how some individuals would ask my Muslim friend how she feels that she don't eat pork, with the disgusting pitying look on their faces as if she just missed half of her life because she can't eat pork.

Hail To The Thief said...

I get asked this all the time. I'm a vegetarian. I don't mind the occasional questions but I don't undertsand the fascination.

There's a girl in my year who's 'vegetarian' but eats ham, bacon and burgers from McDonalds. Not impressed.

Douglas said...

It is human nature to be curious. It is also human nature to be judgmental. Fortunately, we are capable of controlling both. When we try.

LittleJ said...

Michael, is this vegetarian theme going to be continued? I for one am all for it :D

Liz Sedai said...

I'm a vegetarian and I actually like getting those questions. Maybe I am just narcissitic. But I see it as an opportunity to voice my opinion (which I always do :P)

I think people are interested because it is so foreign to them.

Eat my soup? Bahahah...Don't you meat eat your chickpeas, lentils and rice?

Chris O said...

My son is newly vegetarian because of his boyfriend. This is the kid that tried to be a carnivore and I had to beg to eat veggies. I ask him questions because I have friends who are vegan (he is not), some who eat fish and seafood, and some who eat eggs. My interest is more on the lines of, if I invite you to my house, what the hell do you eat? No judgement, to each their own. Lots more steak for me! MOOOOO

Michael said...

King Kid Dominic: There's a whole range of these questions that I'm just dying to blog about.

Ares: Yes, that sort of attention bothers me too.

Hail To The Thief: Oh, wow. I'm unimpressed too. Scorn her!

Douglas: Oh, I am both, to very large extents. Yikes.

Sarah: I have a couple more up my sleeve, but I don't want to do too many consecutive posts on vegetarianism. :)

Liz Sedai: It is usually one man's curiosity in a large group that perturbs me about these Q&A's. The whole table is forced to listen to the innocent vegetarian explaining her lifestyle choice, all thanks to the idiot that doesn't know we're all anxious to talk about something else that we're all interested in discussing.

Chris O: Ah, a good hostess! That's cool then, so long as the fuss is not prolonged.

Danny said...

I don't understand the questions I get either. Usually the "why" questions are my least favorite. There are so many nicer, more interesting, deep things you could ask why about, people do not need to care that much about my dietary habits. The fact of the matter is that's just how it is. Ask me why I am tattooing a chrysalis and a bunch of greek on myself, or why there is sin in the world--that's a heck of a lot more interesting to discuss.