Tuesday, February 24, 2009

116 - Burnt smell of food

That smell is rancid, wouldn't you agree, dudes and dudettes?

I bought a hot dog today at this street vendor thing, and the sausage was all burnt (and tasted disgusting by the way). I smelled the putrid odor as it was cooking on the grill, and saw the billowing smoke that wasn't really inviting, but hey, what can I say? I mean, I was very hungry for sausage. (All together now: that's what she said!)

It was just horrible, and it reminded me of all the times I've ever smelled food that was overcooked. I don't know how to make this post any more fruitful, in terms of descriptiveness, but I just really hate the smell, especially when I'm the one who burns food in the microwave. I bet you've had the stink of burned food in your kitchen emanating from the toaster, or the microwave before, right? It's terrible.

Oh, and the stench of burnt pork chops, to me, is so evil-smelling that it makes me imagine happy, innocent pigs being kicked into a big bonfire in a pit in the ground.

Oh, and the smell of charred toast is probably the last, least effective, smell on Earth to use, if you wanted to turn me on. (Have I said too much again?)

Anyway, a Google search tells me to boil one quart of water with two cups of vinegar to reduce the rank, repulsive foulness. And to swing a wet towel over my head if there's a need to eradicate dispersing smoke.

But doesn't the smell of burnt food just ruin your appetite and day?


By the way, Anita Helen over at Heart Attack In A Box, managed to take
a screenshot of the most fitting Word Verification ever while leaving a comment on one of my other posts. It's pretty cool. Take a look, and click to enlarge:


Douglas said...

Michael, I was raised on burnt food. I was 8 years old before I learned that hamburgers, cooked properly, did not look like hockey pucks nor have the consistency of them. I was even older when I learned that pork chops did not have to be crispy to be eaten.

But your opening lines about sausage from street vendors... Brought me right back to Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Of course, eating one of those gave me a rather mild (but uncomfortable) case of food poisoning but, man, it smelled so good!

Anita Helena said...

Yeah, uh your description is so good it made me nauseous. BLECH!

JoJO a. said...

I agree with Anita, the way you described the food made me stop eating mine!
I should've known while reading the title.
Haha I wonder if there's someone paid to come up with the verification codes. After a while he must've been pissed: "I hate this job... next word - hating". :)

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm with you on this one. I loathe burnt food, especially burnt rice, which really makes me want to hurl.

In our office, people bring food into microwave and the smell floats about the office for hours. Really awful if they have curry.


Alan said...

Oh Michael, especially popcorn, which the ladies in my office seem to overpop at least once a week. Dummies.


Ursley Devar said...

smoky hot dog taste.. sucks!

Jacynta said...

I agree with Alan.
Burnt popcorn = not good.

I must be the only person alive who can't make microwave popcorn. I always burn it =P