Thursday, February 26, 2009

118 - Cruelty toward bears in the domestic setting

Man is the most powerful creature on the planet.

And boy, we're arrogant.

When we think of bears, Winnie the Pooh (or Pooh Bear) comes to mind. As a character intended for children to appreciate, often found in children's books, don't you think it's a bit wrong for him to not be wearing pants
, like in this picture for instance, especially when he's sitting there in such a laid-back, innocent manner:

Who comes up with this stuff? How is a stupid, ignorant and overweight bear with no claws or sharp teeth supposed to inspire children and teach them a moral lesson? (The same goes for Eeyore's depressing existence.) How demeaning for the bears in the wild, 'cause they are, in reality, agile, strong and very tactful predators.

Winnie the Pooh is famous for loving honey, and we as an audience often get a long, comfortable look at his bare ass when he manages to get his head stuck in some beehive, or some cave full of honeycombs, because he's that stupid. Like Pooh Bear, real-life wild bears also like honey, and so what do we humans do, us oh-so-self-righteous and powerful humans?

We serve honey out of a bear. We steal the honey from the environment in which the animal that likes it lives, manufacture little plastic containers grotesquely shaped like bears, and squeeze its favorite sweet substance through a tiny hole in its head.

Jeez. That's sick.

And what do you think about a bearskin rug? Because I think it's so

"Hmm, you know, I think the living room looks great, but it's just... missing something."
"...Really? What?"
"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... The back of a dead bear perhaps? Like laid out in the shape of him? I think that would be awesome."
"Wow, I never thought of that. Do you really think so?"
"Oh, yeah, I highly recommend it."
"Should I keep the head on?"
"Yes, definitely. We want to remember where it came from. It's head is the best pillow when you lie on the rug."

How despicable.


LittleJ said...

I do like the rugs, but I have to admit that the red/blue eyes they usually put in them are just tacky.

eC said...

Bahaha, that's so true.

You may have heard of this but:

Donald Duck wears no pants, but why when he comes out of the shower, does he wrap a towel around his waist?

yolanda said...

i love winnie the pooh. he's just so darn cute! if i recall correctly, there was a strong philosophical fibre running through the stories.

i'm with you on teh rugs though ;)

Douglas said...

Yes, neither Pooh nor Donald wear pants but Mickey Mouse does (and Minnie wears a really short skirt with granny bloomers that show) while Goofy is a completely dressed dog that has no issues with Pluto (Mickey's dog).

None of these things make any sense.

I do like honey, though, which is not taken from the wild (for the most part) but from commercial hives. And I like bear skin rugs. I don't care if it's politically incorrect.

Rosalie Bass said...

Oh yes, we should just burn dear Winnie the Pooh at the stake for not wearing pants and being a fat, jolly best friend to Christopher Robin! And while we're at it, let's show our small children horror movies featuring killer bears murdering innocent people in a mess of blood and gore to teach them that BEARS ARE BAD and NOT TO APPROACH THEM IN REAL LIFE. It might traumatize them for life, but at least they would learn a lesson, you know?

J.J. in L.A. said...

Have you ever seen the video collection 'Faces of Death'? It like a who's who of sheer stupidity.

People doing stupid things that cause their death (caught on camera) trying to pet/feed/stand next to a momma bear with her cubs nearby.

Btw, I loves me some Winnie!

Frankie and Bella said...

Humans are such oblivious beings ;)

Louise said...

Squidward doesn't have pants too. He has a very sour personality in consistency with Eeyore... Of which, people kinda torture him in reality through eating Calamares and other squid delicacies. Does he count? I mean, children should hate squids 'cause Squidward is bad and they should fry his kind's tentacles and eat them. When in truth, his species isn't. Except colossal squids which eats people... Am I still making sense here? 'Cause when I read your post, it reminded me of Squidward and he's bare...ass.

Vivienne said...

and have you ever noticed that Donald only wears a jacket - but when he comes out of the shower he has a towel round his waist??

Bearskin rug - eugh. Although your description is pretty funny I have to say sorry. I shouldn't laugh at that.

What about fox scarves and stuff like that. It's like touching a dead pet, awful.