Friday, February 27, 2009

119 - Hateful people

When I first created this blog, I was positively filled with ideas, since I found myself shaking my head in frustration whenever I came across any flaw that belonged to the individuals in society that just piss me and a lot of other people off everyday by simply existing because of how mind-numbingly stupid they are, how much slower and more painful they make our days, and how damn angry and lost they made me feel thanks to the fact that it is the people in society, today and everyday, that irk us on the streets, in our restaurants, at school and in the office, at home and everywhere else, but ironically, are also the same people, and the same society, that hold us responsible for being civil, polite and accepting around others.

Over the past four months, I have grown a little tired of this to be honest. I find that people aren't as annoying as I thought they were, and as I have more time to reflect on my own behavior now that I don't focus on that of others, I become aware of a lot of my own flaws.

And I think it's for my own good. I have flaws, a lot of them, and my time on this blog has shown me that other people aren't that bad, and from the mixed feedback I get, with comments like, "That doesn't bug me so much" or "I have grown used to this" or "I completely disagree with you on this one", I find that complaining about things like what I have complained about isn't necessary, and isn't necessarily humorous. I mean, being hateful is a pretty stupid, senseless, dim-witted, annoying, ridiculous, laughable and mindless thing to do, too, don't you think?

To my fans, don't worry, I'll still keep posting. I love doing it, for people's entertainment, for myself to vent. Trust me, I can find a lot of other pet peeves, superficial and serious, to rave about for another couple of years.

But one of the things I really hate is, in fact, being around people who are hateful. Someone once told me that this is the most ironic thing I could possibly talk about on my blog, but I think I've touched on it before, when I talk about people who disrespect others, people who are argumentative, people who hold grudges, because those are the various ways in which people can show/express their hate.

Undoubtedly, you've heard of the phrase 'everyone's a critic'.

But there's never a need to judge someone negatively (in their face or not). It's mean. It doesn't better anybody's day. And who are you to be so high and mighty, better and holier than everyone else?

I'm aware that I'm digging my own grave, planting my own crucifix, and paying for my own funeral.

But I'm just saying, I hate people who hate. I'm allowed to be a hypocrite on this.



Madame DeFarge said...

I wouldn't say hateful, just a finely tuned sense of intolerance. It'll rub off and become the humptiness that we all bear as we trudge through life.

You keep going. You make me feel positively cheerful!

Douglas said...

On the other hand, I will never stop hating people who drive like they are the only people on the road. You know the ones; they slow down two blocks from the traffic light so that they won't actually have to come to a full stop. However, they block you from getting into that left turn lane in time to trigger the left turn arrow. Or the ones who are oblivious to the fact that they are part of a "rolling blockade" as they and the other car (or cars) travel at the same speed (5 mph under the speed limit) completely oblivious to the cars behind them. Or the ones who turn left onto your road and actually come into your lane and then glare at you for actually being there, in your lane.

Ok, I'll quit ranting.

Rosalie Bass said...

Sometimes people need to be criticized because it makes them aware of some of the bad things about them.

Ursley Devar said...

LOL! good for you! hehehe

Jacynta said...

As everyone is a critic, everyone is also a hypocrite.
Although I agree with you on this one.
I'm not one to hate, judge, or hold grudges. I actually think I'm incapable of the last one.

Hateful people can get quite irritating.

gaf85 said...

Michael, I think your writing is a way of thinking out loud. I believe you are just trying to figure things out and for this you show alot of insight!

Comic Superzero said...

I always enjoyed reading your blogs that are "hateful" or otherwise, I always considered a satire of sorts. I never really thought you *really* hated all those things. Frankly most of the things you said bugged me on some level, so I could relate to that. Writing blogs, for me at least, is to tell common stories in an interesting way to not only make them want to read it, but to allow them to relate to it.

I've read a few of your other more recent posts, and while you're not complaining so much about other people, you still have a way of "thinking out loud" that engages people, and I love it.

You're a great writer Michael.