Monday, February 2, 2009

99 - Floating tea bags

So, I was about to get started with doing my work, but something worth blogging about just had to get in the way. I made myself a cup of jasmine tea, but then I found that the tea bag I had chosen floats. Take a look:

If you're wondering about the cup, I'm very patriotic and England rules.

Why do bad things happen to good people?! I was trying to sip my tea ever-so-innocently, then this damp, saggy thing collides with my upper lip and I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, back off, Floatsy.

What are you doing in these shallow parts of town?
This surface ain't big enough for the two of us.
I have a dense metal fork, and I'm not afraid to use it...

Seriously, what tea bag floats? Can my life get any more difficult?


.::~P~::. said...

Mine are always floating and it pisses me off. I tend to shove the spoon right on it to make it die at the bottom....

The Logistician said...

I've actually had the same experience, even as recently as this morning. It's like a little life raft or balloon in the water. I sometimes have to take my spoon and let it rest on top of the bag.

I actually saw a program on one of the learning channels about tea, and the guys in India and Ceylon claim that you can not really get a good bag of tea from a bag. They made reference to the tea dust in the bag, or something the other. (Not clear to me; guess it depends on your taste.) At any rate, they claim that leaves alone are the way to go. Guess that eliminates the floating issue, eh?

Anonymous said...

Tea from a bag, how crass. It's like using instant coffee....

Tea can only be made by the pot with real tea leaves, not sweepings from the floor and bagged.

Have to post on that sinful act.


Douglas said...

This is it? This is your beef for today? Go stub your toe.

Anita Helena said...

Mine always float...maybe this is just the first time you noticed it since it tried to attack your face. ;0)

Chris O said...

The only floaties I have problems with are the ones that don't flush away and so if you are the next one to use the facilities you have a lovely surprise there. I call mine Bob.

gaf85 said...

M. I started drinking tea when I was about thirteen years old and have probably drank at least one cup of tea a day since then. I find it soothing and relaxing. I think my best thoughts when I'm drinking a cup of tea and gazing out the window. (sounds like an idea for a post)
I especially enjoy green tea, hot or cold. I have drunk(?) ginger tea to soothe my stomach when I need to. Peppermint tea is also good for an upset stomach. Oh goodness, I could go on an on about tea.
If you ever have a chance, have your tea leaves read it can be quite revealing.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I make my own tea (my man says it's not "real" tea) with Tang, lemonade mix, iced tea mix, cinnamon and cloves. I mix it all together and store it in a jar.

No bags...and my man won't drink it. lol!

Linda S. Socha said...

I love the idea and the reality of floating bags...JJ has a great solution.....Spiced tea I think. It smells wonderful...But in my book little can beat jasmine...even with a float:>)

Jane said...

...And when the Floatsy brutally collides with my tongue, it burns it shamelessly.. If only I could do without tea.

Everyday Housewife said...

Float or no float, it is still tea, which I drink by the cups full everyday. Floating tea bags don't really bother me, since I immerse it just long enough before throwing it away.

JoJO a. said...

I feel like the girl on the other team because I hate tea (unless it's really fruity and there's lots and lots of sugar in it)... but then it's juice.
Plus: I don't have to deal with floatsies haha!

Prash said...

Certain tea bags do float and I take a spoon and force it down for few minutes and then leave it for few minutes...I hate the tea settling down either in the bottom or the top...

Neen said...

*LOL* So glad, even though you're very busy, that you still post!

Zobot said...

I hold it captive on the bottom with a spoon. Just call me No Mercy Zoe.
One time I tried to use a fork, but I punctured it and then tea leaves floated everywhere and I was very sad.

By the way, thanks very much for the comment on the Mr. Blobby post.

Alan said...

Mine always float. I add lead weights to the bag but now I seem to be thinking slower. Kidding.


Writers Block said...

Whatever happened to teapots?

Love the mug.

Michael said...

P: That's right, kill it!

The Logistician: I haven't had it happen to me in years, so it's surprising that I got the opportunity to blog about this when I did. I guess that does solve the problem, I'll read up on that further.

AV: Amusing.

Douglas: Well, why don't you go stub your toe and blog about it, then?

Anita Helena: Hahahahahahaha. It did! It attacked me brutally!

Chris O: You flush them away?

gaf85: I've always wanted to have my leaves read. I will some day.

J.J.: Sounds like one Hell of a cocktail.

Linda: Yes, jasmine is my favorite, although chrysanthemum is a strong contender.

Jane: Sizzle.

Everyday Housewife: I don't know, I always get a second cup out of the same tea bag out of economical sense.

JoJO a.: Fruity?

Prash: Hahaha, so you must have it floating somewhere in the middle?

Neen: I missed one yesterday! I'm utterly ashamed of myself!

Zoe: Hahahahahahahaha. Very sad... in the pathetic sense, I hope, for that makes it amusing to me.

Alan: lol.

Writers Block: Thanks, bought it in England, of course. I just loved the design. Nothing in Hong Kong every looks as awesome that.

Jacynta said...

I can understand how that could be annoying.
When I make tea I pour in the hot water, leave the tea bag to soak, add milk, stir and then take the tea bag out of the cup.

So, I have no problems with this particular issue.