Friday, January 9, 2009

74 -" !!!!!!!11"

Following yesterday's post about full stops, I figured I might as well talk about another punctuation symbol: the exclamation mark!

Haven't we all we all seen this typo: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111"?

It happens when one tries to create dramatic effect with the repeated use of the exclamation mark, but gets so excited, to the point where one's brain does not function properly and forgets that if one stops applying force to the [Shift] key without removing one's finger from the [1] key, a bunch of 1's show up because the computer fails to realize you actually wanted the symbol above the 1. This renders the dramatic effect ineffective and, yes, our idea of how intelligent the person who makes these errors is all gets a bit... shifty.

Okay, that was an awful joke.

Ahem, the little mistakes people make can be so insignificant, but I'm just addressing the point: why does it have to happen at all? Are we really that incapable of eradicating these small errors?


Anonymous said...

I hate it when people write that many exclamation points. As with suspension dots I stick to three -sometimes even just two (but taht tends to be more with exclamation symbols and question marks) which still makes me get my point across no?

shanne said...

i so agree with that. i hate it, too. hello there! im a new blog-hopper of yours. kinda lost in here. i hope you'd visit me some time. i'm new here. :) take care.

Louise said...

I'm really annoyed with people who abuse the exclamation point. I mean, 3 of them are enough right? Too much drama. Worse is if I'd make the same mistake as well. Don't get me wrong, I rarely overuse punctuation marks. Sometimes if I'm in a rush or something, I'd type in three exclamation points and end up typing two and the number 1 as the third.

Randa said...

I just hate the over use of exclamations points. Makes things harder to read and I don't like that.

Anonymous said...

Too much exclamation marks are even more annoying when typed with ALL BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

(I feel like being blown away.)

And what's more is this weird mutant emoticon I always see in the online games chat:


(crying frog-mouthed face)

I wonder why they have to extend the mouth like that (..or longer)

---(Why do things have to be so "extensive"?!)

Anonymous said...


Very clever!!!!!!!11


I liked the way you described it. I've checked out your blog and uour jokes about seemingly simple things in life are cute and lighthearted (but are backed by a solid writing style and pure wit). A sure way to make someone smile!

Keep it up!

Charli said...

I will join you in your hatred!!!!!!! Hmnh. Do I sound like a terrorist?

KMcJoseph said...



J.J. in L.A. said...

This never happens to me...because I only use three!!! ; )

JoJO a. said...


Oops, was that FOUR exclamation marks?!
I absolutely agree with you, too many !s make my life that much more difficult. Like it isn't already!
Yes, I'm a hater.

Michael said...

Vivienne: It does get your point across. There are also some people that like this,,,,,,,, The thing has lost all meaning.

Shanne: I definitely will stop by later. You take care too. Thanks for exploring and finding my blog. :)

Louise: Yes. Whenever I do anything I mention on my blog, I look up at the sky and shake my head...

Randa: Is that a hint? Was this post hard to read?

Ares: T__________T I hate these drawings with typographical symbols. I hate what they're meant to be. Crying frog-mouthed face...

TM: Thank you. Sometimes I don't think I can continue this blog 'cause I just don't think people can really find something to say everyday. But I'm still standing strong... but thank you.

Charli: A terrorist? How did you know I knew how a terrorist sounds?

KMcJoseph: You make an excellent instance of another annoying mistake. Phenomenal.

J.J.: It could still happen. Look at Louise's comment.

Jo JO a.: A self-alleged hater! Wonderful.

aimée said...

haha, well, i'm mostly fine with everything, i just hated it when ppl typ lyk dis n it pisses me off really really bad.

(i'm yet to reply your comment from the earlier post because i don't know what to reply, were those rhetorical questions?)

Comic Superzero said...

First off, I loved the shift joke.

Secondly, I'm definitely guilty of this error, but I fully agree with this blog. I mean, whenever I make this error, it's because I'm chatting on AIM or something and I'm literally trying to be obnoxious and use that many exclamation points. I've even caught that in text messages (I have a QWERTY keyboard... it happens). But unless I'm being annoying on purpose, I always fix it. I can't stand it.

(ps- replied to your comment on Burning Bridges)

Michael said...

Aimée: I've tried to dig for the questions you're referring to, but I can't find it. Could you remind me again, please?

Phil: You used Secondly. You are more modern, and not so old-fashioned I guess. Oh, whatever. I won't pick at that. But I always have to have them in threes, and I have to have everything written as if I was going to hand it in to my teachers as homework.

Toivoa ja Elämän said...

yeah, i am awfully, terribly quilty of this :$

aimée said...

oh if you can't remember then don't worry, they must have been rhetorical haha =]

Michael said...

Larissa: I hope you've learned a valuable lesson. Hahaha. Nah, you continue doing it. It suits your style of writing. :)

Toivoa ja Elämän said...

haha my style of writing involves lots of exclamation marks followed by "1"s... ;P
awesome lol.
well, i suppose, that's cool. haha