Saturday, January 24, 2009

89 - Being too fast

Contrary to the previous post about how I dislike it when people are too slow, there are some people that are just too fast and they irritate me, too. No, not like they run fast and I hate it out of jealousy, but I don't like it when some people never seem to know that sometimes, a break is good for you, that slowing things down may make things more comfortable, enjoyable and better.

I suppose it's the erratic behavior of high-speed individuals that really freaks me out. They go around always wanting to be proficient and proactive, when they're really living very primitively and preposterously, somewhat wildly as they go around everyday trying to keep themselves energized, rushing around, working on things 'til the very last second, always have to have a pen in their hand or a Bluetooth in their ear, never having a meal while seated.

You have to breathe, baby!

Sometimes, people also have this compulsion to speak quickly to sound smart. I'll rant about that in more detail some other time, but it's basically some delusion that people have that compels them to talk faster in order to make their point more valid/truthful. It's verbal diarrhea, people blabber on and on really quickly. If you're my age or younger, you know the whiny girl I'm talking about. If you're a working adult, it's that colleague or that boss that never shuts up. Sometimes, I can empathize with my grandparents, what, with the younger generations always having school or work and 'things to do with friends'. They truly know the virtues of taking things slowly and they are wise in that they know that speed isn't everything. Us people are so fast, and we're often too crazed about everything in our modern day and age.

Maybe being fast isn't really what I'm trying to get at here. I think it's the imprudent, reckless manner in which some people behave when trying to be fast that I don't like seeing. It's those people on the streets that walk quickly, dramatically, and I hate that because like I've said before, I love subtlety. Some people just lack a general grace in their demeanor and that's probably what annoys me about people that act with gusto. Meh. Being slow is more annoying, though. But haven't you ever been annoyed at anything fast?


J.J. in L.A. said...

You've just described my sister! She stopped working 15 years ago, to raise her kids, but she's never home and it's impossible to get her on the phone. When I do, she talks so fast I can barely understand her.

Louise said...

If I go to town I really don't mind walking fast to avoid bumps and traffics especially since there are perverts around. But count me out when I go out with a friend. It's like they're actually trying to get away from me. I'd get left behind. Then I'd get lost.

I have this friend whose mannerism is anything connected to fast. He walks fast, he talks fast, he writes too fast - I can't understand a single word he writes. And he also laughs fast. It's embarrassing to laugh last and find out he's not laughing anymore. Usually laughter would take around 10-15 seconds to last. His is probably around 7-8...then if he still sees me laughing he goes, "Hey, what's with you?"


Sucheta said...

the 1st few lines of this post reminded me of something i'd read somewhere:
"have you ever noticed that any1 slower than you is an idiot and any1 faster than you is a maniac!"

Michael said...

J.J.: I have to confess that I like to talk quickly on the phone, too, but it depends on the other person, it depends on how quickly they can register information, as well. I guess people just need to learn how to adjust their speed of motion and speech depending on who they're with.

Louise: All of my friends walk way too slowly. And they laugh at too great a number of things...

Sucheta: Great quote. :)