Saturday, January 17, 2009

82 - George W. Bush and Tony Blair

The other day, I was watching a documentary on what Tony Blair and George W. Bush thought of the war in Iraq and whether they now thought that it was a good idea to send their troops there to battle in the search of weapons of mass destruction. Reading between the lines, they sure seemed regretful and guilty, but they were trying hard to keep up a confident demeanor. Altogether, it was all very self-righteous and pompous. The way that George Bush has lied to the American public about Iraq, the tax cuts, the budget, the education bill and his interest in Africa, to name a few is ridiculous and careless presidential performance. Tony Blair's arrogance and misleading speeches aren't any better. He has lied about cutting taxes too, yet the financial pressures on citizens is not lessened.

Isn't this the way we always see politicians, though? Is it?


aimée said...

george bush was a mistake. he was half the reason of how i nearly failed semester 2 last year, i couldn't stop reading bushisms as a past time, especially during class.

Anonymous said...

Bush and Blair were both the biggest disappointments in their respective countries.


Randa said...

I'll have to say, Bush did some not-so-good things for the American people but in his slight defense, he was given a lot of things to juggle in a country that before him was slightly peaceful. He was pressured to act by the American people and he did. Unfortunately, it was not the act that should never have happened.

And another thing, I am always surprised by the Bush hate in my own country just because they voted him in for a second term [I was too young to vote at the time.]. Seems to me, if he was so bad, they should have gotten rid of him a little earlier.

I can't really say anything on Blair just because when you live under Bush, you don't really pay attention to anyone else.


And I agree. This is how we always see politicians. The same people that criticized Clinton in his days either praise him now or just criticize Bush. People are never satisfied.

Jane said...

I can't believe Bush was elected twice - well technically he was elected once, Al Gore should've won the 2004 elections... don't get me started on that issue.
Anyways the people believed in that monkey and now the world is paying for this man's mistake. I'm not scapegoating, he's just a certified dumbass.

Marcy said...

Ah yes. Curious George.

I have nothing nice to say about Mr. Bush or Mr. Blair.

Difference between the two: Bush doesn't have a clue whereas Blair is actually intelligent.

Michael said...

Aimée: I know what you mean. I've probably seen every making-fun-of-George-Bush video there is to see on YouTube.

AV: Gordan Brown isn't any better in the UK. In America, Obama has to face similar things Bush had to face immediately after his Inauguration, but on a far wider scale. I hope he can handle it.

Randa: Well, hatred towards a president for messing up a nation's economy and foreign relationships is better than hatred towards useless celebrities and the lot. I'm happy for American people that it's over.

Jane: Ah, the Bush-Gore controversy. Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice have also made mistakes while advising the president. Scapegoat them too.

Marcy: Does that not make Blair even worse?

Hail To The Thief said...

When Tony Blair was our PM, I was watching the news and he was reading a speech about the National Health Service, and a certain disease was mentioned (I've forgotten by this point), and he had to ask how to pronounce it.

This wasn't bad, but then he went: 'and I'm the guy who's supposed to be running the country'.

Summed it all up really!

Bush can suck it too.

Vulgar Red Pullover said...

I hate how Blair became Bushes 'bitch' .. I hated Blair, terrible home and foreign policies.

Now have Gordon Brown now, slightly better I suppose.

My fav in the vid was the basketball though :P is that him spitting at the end??

Nice post =]

Marcy said...

Yes. Blair is worse. But Bush had Cheney to help him. Cheney is probably the worst of all.

Do you watch the Daily Show? Jon Stewart interviewed Tony Blair a few months back. Things got really uncomfortable when Stewart grilled Blair on a few issues.

Michael said...

Hail To the Thief: Hah. What he thinks is okay to joke about, is actually what the world seriously thinks of him. Funny.

Stu: Yes, it is. :D

Marcy: Really? I'll have to go check that out.