Sunday, January 11, 2009

76 - Feeling sorry for your own bad grades

"Just keep it to yourself, for God's sake. There's nothing we can do to make you achieve better if you tell us about your bad grades. And if you're thinking that perhaps Michael would like to listen to and understand your school-related doubts and fears, I get that and I can do that for you. But sorry, I find grades superficial. If I were like you, I could go on for days analyzing my report card, but I'm not. I'm not saying don't care. I'm saying don't worry. Just shut up and do better next time." - Michael, online, talking to one of his classmates in July '08.

I'm on the fence with this one. On one hand, I tend not to worry about life in general, and I believe there are bigger, better things to worry about than school/grades/education, if you were to worry about something, that is. I mean, they're numbers and letters on a sheet.

Sure, on the other hand, grades determine the future, in terms of your career, thus, your salary, therefore, your standard of living. Grades reflect your academic ability and your intelligence and your sense of responsibility ... But come on, what is the use of complaining about it and exaggerating such superficiality right now? Tell me, what is the point in you telling me all that crap, and thinking about all that in your head?

If you're just going to sit there and complain, and not take action to improve, then you're wasting my time. Quit worrying and start caring about the future by taking action in the present.


J.J. in L.A. said...

Grades domatter. My nephew got full scholarships to 8 colleges for the Fall because he worked his you-know-what off. If someone just complains about bad grades they need to get over themselves and do something about it.

aimée said...

unless you're angelina jolie and alike, i think grades do impact everyone to a certain extent. but asians just emphasize it a little too much, and make it more of a deal.

everyone is different when it comes to these things, some people take grades seriously, like it's their livelihood, while others take it as apart of their life. to be honest when i was sixteen i didn't give a crap, grades where just numbers that just restricted people to one kind of learning, and one kind of assesment, but when i turned seventeen i suddenly realised i needed to make the most of it regardless, i was given an opportunity to learn, why not use it to my full capacity.

but yeah, everyone needs to stop sitting and complaining, do something about it, whether that's to work harder or drop everything and become a basket weaver.

just do something, be the change you want to see right? sorta.

Louise said...

I stopped complaining and worrying since second semester of my 2nd year in high school (now 4th). I guess I stopped with the drama because...... I've finally accepted that I can't ever reach my classmates who have blessed minds. Bah! I'll do better in college. Oh, and you're right Michael. I can use this idea as an article for our school paper (my style). Take care!^_^

Syam Ahmed said...


Everyday Housewife said...

Good grades do matter if only as a way forward to a better life, but then I also place a lot of importance on good character development.

Randa said...

I agree on the idea that you shouldn't worry about your grades like some do. No need to worry about that one or two points. However, if someone is failing, then maybe they should start to care.

Michael said...

J.J.: Impressive nephew you have there. What's he doing now?

Aimée: Good for you. I try to carry that sort of sense in my mind all the time, but you know how distracted we can get.

Louise: Cool. Good luck with the school paper and you take care too.

Syam: :D

Everyday Housewife: Yes. Often, people at my school are shifty characters.

Randa: Everyone should care. People shouldn't worry, but should work.

BLACK.blood said...

You can't care unless your worry, and two points can make the biggest difference in the world, actually. It can determine if you pass or fail. Go to university or community college. Honor roll or not honor roll.

Michael said...

Rosalie, long time no see.

By 'worry', I mean worrying too much. By 'care', I mean taking action to do something about your grades.

ash said...

I think grades matter to an extent. I've noticed around here that you either have to make good grades OR have lots of money to go to college and make something of yourself.

ash said...

But the people with the good grades will do better in college because they have the self-motivation.

J.J. in L.A. said...


He graduates in May with a 4.4 GPA and is looking at his options. It's important (to him) to go to a school with a football team because he wants to have fun too. He wants to be some sort of (electrical, mechanical, etc.) engineer.

The funny thing is, his mother (my s-i-l), is dumber than a doorknob. lol!

Anonymous said...

Grades are not everything but they do mean "a thing". HOWEVER, sulking over something that can not be undone is "bullshit".


Anonymous said...

am impressed with this blog, I have to say (and hopefully not sounding too patronizing) when I was 17 I worried about my grades ALL the time, now I realize what a waste of time that was. It has absolutely no effect on your future whatsoever. (except maths maybe)

Thanks for your reply on my controversial post. People are funny aren't they? If you get ur placement in UK you should go out in Soho (London) sometime, you'll LOVE it. ;)

Also, your comment on the other blog made me think about the scallops as well! They were goooooooood. There's a fresh food market in London called Borough market - you can walk around and try all the stuff people have made at home....YUM.

Michael said...

Ashley: I have okay grades, I have no money. However, I'm happy with my life and that's all that matters to me.

J.J.: Ivy League?

hrix: Plain bull, exactly.

Vivienne: Ah, I've heard, I've heard. I definitely will go to Soho, probably every weekend if it lives up to my expectations! Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

ah yes I'm sure it will. Although, from what I've heard Hong Kong has quite the nightlife as well so you might not be too impressed but you never know! :)