Sunday, January 18, 2009

83 - Looking angry when you read

Ever seen someone who looks absolutely infuriated when he/she reads?

It's extremely hilarious but it sure is unsettling sitting next to them when they have their eyes tightly screwed, their brow intensely crinkled, their lips pouting, their body temperature rising and their gaze so fierce you can almost visualize a red line of laser beam coming from their eyes and searing through the page. It's their special method of staying focused, but it makes me highly neurotic.


Louise said...

That's absolutely annoying. I would often think, Does this guy understand what he's reading? Does he need help? He's creeping me out!
I mean, it's just literature, right? It's not some dead language you'd have to really understand.
I would later feel sorry for the innocent books which gained insolence from mad eyes.

Comic Superzero said...

Haha I do that sometimes, on a very rare occasion. I usually only do it when I'm trying to read something and someone has their face pointed in my general direction with words aimed at me.

Instead of giving them a dirty look, I give it to whatever I'm reading/looking at.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. I like your description of it. I must admit, I furrow my eyebrows and squint my eyes somethimes...but I don't think I get hotter! It's not because I don't understand, its because I am probably feeling a certain emotion about what has been written.

Laser beam eyes would be pretty cool to have though!

Douglas said...

What more annoys me is when someone laughs out loud at seemingly odd times as they read. I feel left out of the fun. I don't mind being left out of the anger. Liz had it right, the reader is probably caught up in the emotion.

Anonymous said...

oh great,
now I'm going to be thinking of you when I read too, checking every five minutes to make sure my brow isn't crinkled.


Zoe said...

Oh dear, I hope I don't do this. Now I'll be very aware of it when I read.

Thanks for the comment. But I was wondering: how is sake the penultimate way to get drunk? Did you perhaps mean to use a different word? (Penultimate = second to last) Maybe you meant "ultimate".
I was a bit confused.

Rhi said...

love your blog. thanks for reaching out and making your voice heard. i look forward to reading more and will be back soon!

Anonymous said...

apparently I do that when looking at my pc screen, i frown. I once had a work colleauge come up to me and grab me by hte corners of my mouth and pushed them upwards, he then said - you look ugly when you do that with your mouth.
nice! (am trying not to frown right now...)

Marcy said...

I do this when I read something that makes me mad. Incidentally, red lasers do come out of my eyes. Pretty cool effect.

Charli said...

You think of the funniest stuff, Michael! So totally random.

You know - I think I hate it when people move their mouths while they read. Like they're reading out loud without any sound. THAT'S annoying.

Michael said...

Louise: It still surprises me that people agree with the things I hate for the large part. What's better is that I agree with almost all the comments you make, too, and I, too, empathize with the book.

Phil: Sometimes, I wish I didn't have peripheral vision.

Liz Sedai: I try to keep a neutral face all the time. I'm positive that I fail in doing so constantly.

Douglas: Interesting aspect to hate (as I would be annoyed by the noise), but yes, when someone is laughing but you aren't laughing. That's always annoying.

Sarah: Well, of course. Hold those chips by the tips of your finger now!

Zoe: I meant 'ultimate'. I see something, I see a word, I thought 'penultimate' = 'ultimate'. :P

Rhi: Hi, Rhi. Thanks, I will stop by your blog later.

Vivienne: What had your computer ever done to you? D:

Marcy: I think I spend waaay too much time concentrating on keeping a neutral face...

Charli: How about lips-yncing in public like a madman?