Saturday, January 10, 2009

75 - Empty tissue roll in the toilet

Today, I came to the realization that since the new year began, I have gone to use the bathroom in our apartment quite a number of times (as most people do). It has occurred to me that I have been the unfortunate one who has to had to change the toilet roll four consecutive times in a row. I have had to go in there four times this year and every time, I have found an empty or near-empty roll there in that slot on my bathroom wall. It makes me wonder if my family are purposefully timing their visits to the bathroom, and regulating the amount of toilet paper they pull out, so that I'm the unwitting victim that has to perform the chore every time I go in there to do #2.

If it happens for a fifth time, I am addressing the issue at the dinner table.


shanne said...

ahaha. how sad, you had to do that all the time. maybe try to remind them about it.

so you're half-filipino? me too. and you live there in hongkong? that sounds interesting.

im shanne, 16 years old. a graduating student like you.. yeah, i know definitely the feeling of being loaded with unstopable homeworks.

you take care. :)

J.J. in L.A. said...

Just wait til you move out on your'll probably be doing it every other day or so. lol!

Everyday Housewife said...

Well, somebody has to do it. In my house, the one who finish the last piece has to replace the roll.

Michael said...

Shanne: Oh, I'm convinced they know...

J.J.: That's a lot to use 'every day or so'.

Everyday Housewife: They make sure that it's me who finishes the last piece.

Alan said...

4 times already! That means a yearly average of what? Like 144+!
So Michael, What IS the HTML for inserting a link in the comments. I tries and it would not allow the tag. Enlighten me please. Alan

Michael said...

Alan: I'm banking on the fact that you subscribe to follow-up comments because it's never come to my attention that you do:


Remove the spaces next to the brackets.

Alan said...

Follow-up comments? Just kidding. I could have sworn I tried that HTML and it failed but I am off to work- ick, so I will do it this eve.
Thanks for the answer!

Anonymous said...

There's an even worse feeling when the tissue roll is empty at school (or in another public place.)

Anonymous said...


This happened to me this morning!

I love the second picture, really reiterates the point.


Douglas said...

I wasn't going to comment but I did the math. 4 times in 10 days? You obviously need more fiber in your diet, lad.


(had to try the inserting a link thingie)

Michael said...

Alan: I went to your site where you were testing the link HTML. It works for me.

Isabelle: Public toilets are so dirty... I've been meaning to take photos for a post, but I think that borders on 18+ material.

Tiffany: Yes, isn't it?

Douglas: I go to the bathroom at school as well. :)

And trust me, I have regretted having little fiber in my diet in the past.

ash said...

I hate running out of TP so bad that in my apartment I always keep a full roll on the holder and a roll on the back of the toilet. I have a "no TP" phobia!

That would be an interesting topic over a meal!

Linda S. Socha said...

So Hey Michael
I confess. I laugh at most of your posts. Now please know this is a good thing. It just means I find your presentation endearing and engaging.

On the other hand today the laugh was on me. This is exactly the kind of thing that can produce paranoid thinking in my brain!

If I had a wish would be that life offered more smooth sailing in the nit picky stuff like this one. In my fantasy I guess all minor reality details like toilet paper would just magically happen with the non effort of someone else...Note I did say fantasy..

Madame DeFarge said...

It is a most depressing situation in which to find yourself. My husband is superb at using the last sheet of toilet paper. I have taken to placing several rolls on a big holder on the floor, but he ignores them too.

But then, he leaves a tiny drop of milk in the carton too and doesn't tell me that we've run out, so I think it's just him.

Randa said...

That always sucks. Especially when you don't notice until you need the toilet paper.

I'm always guilty of not replacing the toilet paper on the roller and just putting it on the bathroom counter. It drives my boyfriend up the wall.


Hippie said...

hahaha. Your posts always make me laugh.
I'm the victim in my household also.

Michael said...

Ash: We keep the new tissue rolls in arm's reach from the seat, so it's not so bad for us. It's just annoying that I had to do it four times.

Linda: That's a dream. It'll never happen but it's a nice vision nonetheless. Thanks for laughing. It's always pleasing to hear I made people laugh.

Madame DeFarge: Not so much depressing for me. I like helping out. I just noticed this annoyance yesterday, though.

Randa: I would be driven up the wall too. Perhaps I'm too obsessive.

Hippie: Ah, so you understand. And glad you enjoyed it. :)

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey again Michael...Dreams happen briefly....just not ongoing all the time:>) So I have to see the never word a bit differently...

Louise said...

Hey Michael! I hated empty tissue rolls before. Now I don't. It's funny 'coz due to the war my family had over tissue paper being used up after every three days (which was SO funny, you can imagine countless of reasons) we've all decided to have one tissue paper per family member.

Empty tissue rolls rarely appear in our bathroom, like only 2 times a year. :)

Michael said...

Louise: That is quite an intense domestic situation! Hahahaha.

Dr Zibbs said...

I hear ya.

Anonymous said...

hahaha sorry this post made me laugh. I so get what you mean. I'm really anal (excuse the pun) about that and it winds me up NO END when either of my two housemates doesn't exchange the roll. I mean it's not exactly rocket sience now is it! Get up, get a new roll - hey presto, you're done.

Michael said...

Dr Zibbs: I welcome you to the blog.

Vivienne: Sorry? Why be sorry? I like making people laugh.

Anonymous said...

sorry for laughing at the misfortune of finding yourself without loo roll :)