Tuesday, January 27, 2009

92 - Being uninspired

Oh, I lack ideas today. It was the Chinese New Year yesterday, my non-Chinese friends, and our whole family got together to eat traditional Chinese food for lunch, play mahjong in the afternoon and have a big meal for dinner. Right now, I could talk about a huge multitude of things, but I'm just not feeling too strongly about any of them. I thought of some ideas, but I knew I couldn't carry them out to make a substantial post.

Yesterday, I wore a pink shirt, and my family made a few comments about it, like pink is a girl color not to be worn by guys. I could talk about that but I don't feel like it.

I could talk about how my mother ate the last piece of food at lunch without politely asking if anyone would like to have/share it. But then again, I have already written about gluttony before.

I was also just about to write about how I won money from playing mahjong, but did not receive any because my family forgot. But hey, it's the Chinese New Year, it's inappropriate for me to demand for money or complain that I didn't get any for my mahjong skills...

Then there's dinner, at which everybody was all loud and chatty, when all I was was hungry, and all I wanted to do was eat. I had to listen to their talking, answer their questions, take care of my younger cousins all night, argh. In fact, my three-year-old cousin wet my bed for the very first time last night. I didn't get as angry as I thought I might, and so I don't want to write about that either. During dinner, my family were only eating merrily, and after dinner, my cousin was only three years old, young and incapable of controlling his pee.

So I guess today, I hate how I am uninspired. Writer's block, they call it, but I don't like that phrase either. I wish I could expand on any of those aforesaid things, but they don't seem right. I'm not annoyed today, which is a good thing, but I am annoyed at myself today.

I have some friends who never seem to be inspired for anything to do with school. They search in their textbooks, they ask more insightful friends for ideas for their essays, and their work reflects how uncreative and lacking of ideas they are. That annoys me.

I also don't like how some people are not inspired enough to travel elsewhere, or to learn new things, to learn about other people, to learn of other cultures, to understand what is not understandable to them right now. The world is much bigger, inspiration allows you to dream, to want to do things you wouldn't normally do. Why some people never feel inspired to do something saddens and irritates me.


Ursley Devar said...

I love this posting! it's inspiring me... nothing too hate LOL!

p/s: pink is better than black for Chinese New year! Happy Chinese New Year! sorry, i'm late

Everyday Housewife said...

What's wrong with a guy wearing a pink shirt. Nice colour. Better than a black shirt. Interested to know their reaction if you had put on a black shirt instead.
Anyway, Michael, Happy New Year. Hope you collected a lot of 'lai see'

Chris O said...

Do you hate it too? when someone just rambles on and on about nothing? Everyone deserves a blog day off. Happy New Year!

my word verification is diastsr

Kinda like disaster, eh?

Bullshee said...

I know what you mean....I write a few lines and find myself scrapping them...cant go on!

Happy New Year by the way!!!

Madame DeFarge said...

Nothing wrong with this post. You describe your day perfect well. You're not uninspired. You're just not as inspired. Big difference.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm with you on the 'not inspired enough to travel' part.

I've been to 35 states, including Hawaii (on crutches) and Alaska (in a wheelchair), Mexico and Canada. I would love to go to New Zealand but it's just to far for me to travel.

My cousin, with the same birth defect as mine, has only left home once. She came to California (from Minnesota) when she was a baby.

No wonder we have nothing in common.

Stuart Chapman said...

I feel uninspired Mon-Fri3pm-7pm because I just came home from college and I havent had dinner.

Thats life I guess, my dinner time keeps getting pushed later and later, and my brain slowly looses its capacity.

And as for the pink shirt, I have heard people say its 'salmon', although that is a matter of opinion lol.

I am at college now, and the only site I can access is blogger =] thank goodness for your blog.

OK I have to get back to work now, for I am making a thriller film!

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Michael...

Hope you are planning something inspirational to you soon...It is snowing here...The first time really this year. The rain is freezing and going forth today will be a bit of an adventure...literally...
I hope your day is purple and pink...they are vibrationally inspirational colors by the way

Michael said...

Ursley Devar: How interesting to choose to talk about wearing black. I would never wear black, it would look like I'm a waiter or attending a funeral.

Everyday Housewife: I sure did. :)

Chris O: Are you implying something about 'when someone just rambles on and on about nothing'? That would surely be a diastsr.

Bullshee: I scrap a lot of ideas... a lot of ideas. Sigh.

Madame DeFarge: Interesting.

J.J.: Good to know and that would be inspiring to others, J.J., I'm sure you've heard people say that before. That's exactly what I mean.

Stuart: Do I get to watch it?

Linda: The rain is freezing? O.o