Wednesday, January 14, 2009

79 - School noises

I hate the chair noises that create this huge ruckus at the beginning of class when everyone pulls the chairs out from under the desks to sit down, followed by the most annoying fuss at the end of the lesson when everybody gets up again and tucks in said chairs.

I hate the paper noises that rip my eardrums whenever we have to turn the page of the same book or the same bunch of worksheets. Reading through a newspaper generates this annoyance too.

I hate locker noises the most. (1) When people either drop their bag on to the floor so they can get to their locker, (2) hurl it on to the top of the lockers with a massive thud, (3) or violently knee the lockers to balance their bag on their thigh, (4) then unlock their padlocks without the slightest bit of grace, (5) open the locker excessively so that it recoils after reaching its limit with a clunk, (6) ruffle through paper, (7) and lift books up only to drop them again, (8) slam the locker door, (9) fiddle with getting the lock back on again, (10) in addition to any talking, (11) (12) whistling, (13) humming, (14) singing, (15) sneezing, (16) coughing, (17) clearing of the throat, (18) burping, (19) farting, (20) screaming, (21) shouting, (22) laughing, (23) yawning, (24) sniffing, (25) sighing and/or (26) breathing heavily that may occur during their visit to their locker.

Oh, and any teachers in high heels who may pass by.


Anonymous said...

Yawning is the worst! ;)

Wait until you start going to college...people drag around those suitcases on wheels to carry their books in...necessary? I think not. Apparently books get a lot heavier when you start attending post-secondary. So much heavier in fact (studies have been done revealing the threshold of back-bearing book weight), that a horse and buggy inspired sack is required to haul around reading material in. The obnoxious clacking noise caused by the wheels strolling down the tiled hallway of the study area provokes ear-burning, pen-twitching, foot-tapping madness until they pass by.

Randa said...

The noise I hate the most is when you're in a computer lab and everybody has to be quite and so all you hear is the "clack, clack, clack" of keyboard keys, especially since we're all used to laptops and then you get the old school key board were more preasure is required and then people over do it and . . . it's just annoying.

And thank god for no lockers in college. Woo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

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Rosalie Bass said...

In my school, the chairs are ATTACHED to the desks. There's no chair scraping, no moving the chair to conform to your sitting style. It's both annoying and a relief.

JoJO a. said...

I don't know why, but I have this feeling that you had a rough day at school today!
That said, I would gladly endure a week of locker chaos if it stopped teachers from wearing 10 inches high heels when it's -39 degrees in Ottawa.
(I'm not even kidding, it's minus39. Yeah!!)

KMcJoseph said...

Two words...ear plugs.

Louise said...

So where's number (11)?

It's a good thing we don't have lockers here at our school. Cabinets and desk drawers must be close to lockers since they annoy me too.

Have you ever thought of using ear plugs?

Vulgar Red Pullover said...

sniffing annoys me. Particulary in exams. And people dropping their pencils..

When I was doing my German exam in Y11 I counted how many times someone dropped their pencils... 26 times.. rawr

I am in a boring I.T lesson right now =/ Just got into an argument with a friend.. -__-' i wanna go home

Anonymous said...

what about loud noises in the morning, like when you've just left your house and a lorry drives past or a bus. it's HORRIBLE!

am with you on the heavy breathing, had a conference call the otehr day and one of the callers was breathing into the phone - i got so distracted I couldnt' follow the conversation! i just felt like saying - sorry do you mind not breathing INTO my ear? -

Prash said...

I think you wish to be a deaf ! Come on, you are listing everything you would hear in somebody's school life. I agree for the chair and certain other things...but for basic human noise like laughing, singing, clearing the throat...pls be more tolerant and love us (the people!) lol

Douglas said...

I liked the sound of high heels on freshly waxed tile floors. Still do.

(Vivienne - me too...about the heavy breathing.)

Michael said...

Tiffany: An excellent one. Wheeled bags and suitcases on tiled floors or uneven pavement. I guess I can't wait to experience that.

Randa: Refer to previous comment. You know I just love to be reminded/informed about other similar per peeves. I type loud too, though, so who am I to talk?

AV: I'm on it, will be up by the weekend.

Rosalie: I bet when people sit down, the whole desks moves and makes noise.

JoJO A.: Hahaha. I actually had a good day yesterday, been having a lot of good days but thanks for your concern.

KMcJoseph: Feels weird and annoys me too.

Louise: Hm... I wonder what I meant for (11) to be. I'll just leave it there. It's open to your interpretation, you put your own word in. Isn't this a fun, interactive blog?

Stu: I'm eager to talk to you later.

Vivienne: Loud noises have always existed around my morning times. Oh, wait, does the alarm clock count?

It doesn't irritate me that much but I could live without them.

Loud breathing... very amusing to listen to.

Prash: Please be more tolerant. Hahahahahahahaha. This blog is my way of expelling my frustrations so, in a way, I'm dealing with it.

Douglas: Grumble...

Cat said...

Word of advice? Don't become and accountant. Paper noises are the highlight of my day.

Michael said...

I've done a lot of posts on noises. Perhaps some of you are right... I would be better off deaf.