Friday, November 7, 2008

11 - Forgetfulness

Oh my, I completely forgot about my blog today. Totally slipped my mind. Strange.

So, let's talk about forgetfulness. I hate it when my mother forgets when my exams are or when I go on holiday and I hate it when my friends forget what I've told them before about my life, things that I expect them to remember. It's like conversation gone down the drain if I have to repeat everything a second time just to remind them.

Also, I absolutely hate it when my classmates keep forgetting what homework they have yet to complete (sorry guys). Then they ask me what it is every single day and I get really irritated. As students, we should remember this kind of thing.
We're expected to remember a lot if we're going to be any good at school. It is difficult trying to cram everything into this tiny, tiny brain of mine, but we have to do it, especially during the exam period.

I used to pride myself in remembering everything around two years ago, but recently, maybe I'm getting older or I've been eating a lot of memory-killing food lately, because I keep forgetting it all. I once had this phase where I remembered a lot of birthdays. My huge family, all my classmates, my friends outside school and even celebrities. I also remembered a lot of people's phone numbers, and I was a total information sponge that could remember everybody's details. I also used to be able to recite the full list of all the
. And, I learned the Greek alphabet over the summer. Oh, and I know the plots and characters to so many television shows, it's insane.

But I keep forgetting all of this stuff and it bugs me to the core. It's worse because I know my memory is slipping. I mean, I forgot my blog!

I don't like forgetful people. Why bother being given information if the information will get lost?

Oh, and there's that thing known as conscious forgetfulness, where people 'block out' traumatic or undesirable things. I don't believe people can do that, but to some extent, that does happen. If something is completely scarring for life, forgetting it may be a good thing as opposed to dwelling on it. But, if someone doesn't remember something because he/she doesn't really care enough about what you say, that's just inconsiderate. An awful lack of consideration, especially if you do it naturally.

I'll end here.

...Can't believe I forgot my blog...


Douglas said...

I had a wonderful memory. It was what got me through school with little effort (well, no effort really). I absorbed information and could easily recall it for tests; the questions always triggered the answers in my mind. It carried me through most of my life. It is failing me now. Not severely but I notice the glitches and gaps. When I was in my twenties, part of my job involved tracking service orders for telephone installations. I had a filing cabinet and a system. I filed everything under their original file dates. Since those changed constantly (always being postponed), I felt it was the easiest way to maintain order. But a strange thing happened; after a short amount of time, I realized I remembered everything about the order if I heard the phone number or the original due date. Now, I sometimes forget my own phone number. Such is life.

yolanda said...

i have the worst memory for faces. and names. i insult people quite frequently, needless to say!
ive always had a fantastic memory for weird details - like bits of conversations, or remembering what someone was wearing on a particular day. but lately, i dont seem to be able to recall those things. i dont think it's the aging process either - just focusing energy on different things.

J.J. in L.A. said...

If you think it's bad at your age, just wait til you get to MY age! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, forgetfulness is a fact of getting older...

Now, what was I saying...

I hate it when people forget to update their world map and leave Brazil off. LOOOOOOOL Only kidding Michael.


Tatum Reid said...

I think in our day and age, we are just not trainig our brain enough...because we are force-fed almost everything, and have become accustomed it.
I remember when I was a teenager I got my first cellphone (at age 17!-That makes me sound old -Im only 24) .Before then I was forced to remeber numbers and birthdays by heart. Know I press a button and It appears, and I convenient reminder set on my phone reminds me of a birthday or meeting...I think we just rewired our brain and told it we don't need that function..

EiTheL said...

I used to memorize all the super attacks and weakneses in pokemon.. and all the pokemon

until they came out with like 350 new ones every year -_-