Saturday, November 15, 2008

19 - Wearing Crocs

I hate Crocs.

They're hideous.

They're not as comfortable as people say they are, not comfy enough to compensate for their ugliness.

As much as air is allowed to pass through them, they still stink of feet.

The strap is pathetically insecure and poorly designed.

They're not suitable for when it rains and your feet get cold in the wintertime.

I hate seeing pictures of the Croc-pile (as pictured) and I hate that they come in an array of the brightest, most obscene colors.

Elderly people and young children are tricked into wearing them, by middle-aged people that are blind to the horrible offense Crocs cause against fashion.

I've never worn them and I never will. If they're nothing but an atrocity to the eyes, I can't imagine myself being able to bear wearing them on my own two feet. Yeuck.


Anonymous said...

...i don't like it, too.. i don't know. it looks like some fancy plastic toy for me.

[Not] your hero, said...

I don't know anyone else personally who likes them at all >.<
and yet.... there are so many who wear them
i don't care if it destroys the environment, we should burn them. all.
they are an offence to anyone who can see + think...
sigh. no wonder they say fashion's gone to the dogs.

also, i've tried to comment your other blogs while on the internet by phone but it kept cutting out just after i wrote really long comments so ehhh

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

plus they're dangerous

Douglas said...

You give me hope for the future of humanity. All of you. Really. So, why are they popular????

Tatum Reid said...

My thoughts, thought I was going crazy and no=one felt the same! Never wore them, never will!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Hmm...if you've never worn them, how do you know "They're not as comfortable as people say they are" ; ) lol!

Seriously though, my aunt wore them exclusively but no one had the heart to tell her that those were the ugliest shoes they'd ever seen.

Zoe said...

It's true: they're ugly as hell.
My dad wears them when he does gardening, and it is pretty embarrassing. I feel like all of my neighbors are looking at his crocs and then going to the nearest toilet to throw up. I made him promise to never wear them anywhere else, though.

Rob Roy said...

Hey mike i hate crocs too! They're ugly, dangerous and also expensive here! I dunno why some flatter themselves with these kind of footwear.

Anonymous said...

yuck. yuck. yuck.


Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog archive and I saw "wearing crocs" and I had to click on it because I knew this would be a funny post. I hate those ugly shoes and whenever I see someone wearing them, it just makes me say "what the hell?!" in my mind.
I was at a shoe store once and these two girls were looking at the rack of crocs. they actually had the nerve to ask me which color looked better. I almost died laughing!

Comic Superzero said...

Yup... I definitely saw a family of 6 wearing all the same lime green crocs. That was a special moment in my life that I'll never forget.

Michael said...

I've seen around two-hundred people wear the green ones all at once. It's a horrendous spectacle.