Tuesday, November 18, 2008

22 - Blowing whistles

I don't know about you, fellow readers/bloggers/haters, but from the deepest crevices of my heart, I loathe the sound of whistles. Unless you're a sports referee, a policeman/woman or part of an orchestra, there is absolutely no need to use such a harsh sounding instrument. I mean, it is just horrible, noisy, cacophonous, inharmonious, uneasy on the ears, you name it, so much so that the ear-splitting, ear-piercing noise, in actual fact and study, causes headaches and mental instability. Oh, why the hell is it a toy amongst young'uns?


thumbsUpsmile said...

Whistles and kazoos. I hate both.

Michael said...

Dear thumbsUpsmile,

I hate screechy high-pitched whistles considerably more than buzzing monotonous kazoos, but yes, kazoos are annoying too.