Friday, November 28, 2008

32 - Firemen sliding down poles

Must firemen wrap their legs around a metal pole to control the speed of their descent?

The stereotype is this: they hold on to it with the right amount of traction that will prevent them from falling too fast but allowing them to descend to the bottom floor. This unique method of emergency departure is ridiculous. Although it makes their takeoff quicker than taking the stairs like regular grown men, by descending down the pole, firemen risk getting various ankle and back injuries and nasty chaffing to their hands and thighs. And it's childish. The pole has been adopted in playgrounds.

Can't firemen just play cards on the ground floor?


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Douglas said...

Perhaps Firemen never really grew up. I salute them, however, because we need people who run toward danger rather than away.


Michael said...

True, true. Manly courage and selflessness compensate for infantile emergency dispatch procedures.


ash said...

I would imagine a pole might give a firefighter a ball rash. Maybe a more effective method would be a slide out of a window that drops them into the fire truck. I guess that's childish, too, though.

Madame DeFarge said...

Firemen slide down poles in order to provide an erotic frisson to us older and more mature women. I'm going to lie down now. Anything else would be inappropriate.

J.J. in L.A. said...

They can't play cards on the ground floor because that's where the fire trucks sleep, silly. ; )

Chiara said...

Eh. I like the idea of it... and it really must have been faster in the old days!

Michael said...


LOL. Ball rash... I think a slide's actually cooler. More fun and less damage if the slide is one of those rubbery ones used in planes for emergency evacuations.

And thank you for your suggestion. I'll put it in a post soon!


Michael said...

Madame DeFarge,


Michael said...


I never understand why they can't place the fireplace relaxy place next to the firetrucks.

Michael said...


We are entitled to our own opinion.

Chiara said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! :D It's great that people are starting to do that for me.

Yeah, University of Melbourne is closest to Adelaide, but it's also over 700 kilometres away. :)

South Australia is fantastic. I love it. Though it's 'different' to the busier states.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do 'most' foreign students afford overseas study?

yolanda said...

i love the fireman pole in playgrounds!

(yes, i am 27, and i do still go to playgrounds. heres to never growing up! :-D )

seconded that slide is a great idea.

Michael said...


I'm too tall... I don't really need the fireman pole in the playground, so it's no fun for me. :(

Robot Nine said...

I hear those poles have become more rare each year due to the injuries.

Michael said...


I know. 'Tis a good thing. :)