Thursday, November 13, 2008

17 - Never staying still in class

Stay still. Please.

In class, stop nodding your head like a bobblehead at everything the teacher says, stop readjusting the height of your stool, stop playing your imaginary drums, or
imaginary bass, or imaginary piano, or imaginary guitar, stop shaking your leg up and down so uncontrollably, stop stretching, stop fiddling with your clothes, stop playing around with your stationary, stop dropping pens on the table and floor, stop making sounds with the zipper on your pencil case and your bag, stop rustling papers, stop mouthing the words to lyrics, stop talking, stop whispering, stop singing, stop leafing through the textbook when you're not told to, stop sneaking a bite or a sip, stop rearranging your arms and legs in this or that position, stop tucking in your chair, stop rubbing your face, stop rubbing your eyes, stop leaning, stop nudging, stop clearing your throat, stop snorting, stop blowing your nose, stop wiping your glasses, stop twiddling your thumbs, stop looking out the window, stop looking to the side, stop looking behind you, stop glancing at each other, stop breathing so deeply, stop writing so vigorously, stop tapping your fingers on the table, stop it, stop it, stop it.

Just stop it and stay still.

How hard can it be?


Douglas said...

I never fidgeted in class unless I was having a nightmare. I was a pioneer in sleep learning.

Comic Superzero said...

I fidget all the time, it's ridiculous. I stretch, I adjust myself, I twitch my leg (although not usually at the same time as the adjusting), and I've got a zipper on my binder... so I'm definitely that zipper guy.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I've done everything on your list at 'least' a million times. You would NOT have wanted me in your classroom. lol!

luthien said...

shall i just say, stop attending that class ?????

Kite said...

i do all of those things. constantly. in class, in chapel, just sitting here in my room my feet are dancing while i am sitting down. some people just have way more energy than is actually good for them...or anyone else.
all the best.