Wednesday, November 5, 2008

9 - Talking/writing/typing too much

I talk a lot around others, I write more than I should for school and I type very long blog posts and go off on tangents.

Do you hate it too?



Anonymous said...

at least this one's shorter now.. ha ha! but i guess the ugly part of these long writings is, usually, it doesn't get read. me, i am the only one who appreciates my effort..that agonizing backpain while writing or typing. ha ha! yeah, i hate it too.. :P

Douglas said...

Of course I don't hate it. That would be self-loathing on my part. After all, what are tangents for if not to wander off on them? A thought is merely a seed. From it grows a tree of knowledge, entertainment, or dreams.

J.J. in L.A. said...

If I didn't like 'very long blog posts' I wouldn't be here. The 1st blog I wrote is ridiculously long.

beads said...

twas's really very long... ha3

Anonymous said...

it depends...

there are people who are really annoying when they talk.

but don't worry. for me you're not one of them.

keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I've missed so much in the past couple of days. I still haven't even found time to slow down and rest. I have a full schedule for the next week/ weekend. so tiring! I wanted to take some time to catch up on some blog reading though.
in reply to the comment you left me, I used to love playing hold'em. I've never played in a casino but I would play with my family every weekend. I was pretty good at it and enjoyed it. I wonder how it would work out playing in a casino. in the case of poker though, it requires more skill than luck. that's why it's easier to win. you have to know when to fold and when to bluff, and how to keep a poker face. hopefully you will beat everyone out and win it all haha.
I'm the complete opposite. my grandpa was a chain smoker so every time we went over there the house would smell like cigarettes. I always hated the smell and still do. I've developed an allergy to it though. my face and skin gets itchy and I get headaches. when I was in the casino, it reminded me so much of my grandma's house and I started to feel a little bit sad because I miss my grandparents. even though second hand smoke it bad for you, you're lucky that you're able to stand it.