Saturday, November 8, 2008

12 - Not knowing how to touch type

I feel like I've been losing my edge lately. I think I've been having a more positive outlook, a perspective where I'm not noticing many of the littler annoying things that exist out there. This has led me to write posts about very general problems such as gluttony and forgetfulness. Everyone talks too much at some point, everyone forgets some things, everyone gets greedy some times. So today, I thought I might focus on something a bit more specific.

This is another bad habit that I have, as we countdown the days 'til I stop displaying what a hypocrite I am. The habit is not typing the 'proper' way, the proper way being touch typing. This is where all ten fingers rest upon the keys on a keyboard. The main advantage of this method is your capability to keep your eyes on the screen at all times.

Now, obviously, I've taken lessons on how to type, and I can touch type, but I do it reeeeeeeeally slowly. I'm just used to my own system of 'use the finger that's most comfortable for me to use for each respective key'. I don't look at the keyboard, and I don't type slowly either. It's just the way I do it, and I do it well. I just wish I could do it the proper way though, but it's a difficult habit to get rid of.

I guess the thing about typing improperly that I hate is when people type slowly, because they're too busy looking down at the keyboard, up at the screen, back down at the keys, and back up the monitor, head down, head up, down, up, down, up... It's annoying to watch. And annoying to talk to someone online when you know they're being slow because of their improper typing methods.

It's even worse when people type slowly because they're using the proper method, since touch typing is meant to provide efficiency. I think you should just find the method that provides you with the best accuracy and speed. But then again, I wish I could touch type. I'm obsessive about having things done the right way for things like this that we do on a daily basis. I hate that I don't do it right. And I dislike seeing others that can't either.


Douglas said...

I hunt, I peck. Well, now I pretty much know where the keys are and I can peck out words fairly quickly. But, like you, I wish I could do it the right way. I do not look at the screen until I have finished a sentence generally. I found that looking up and then down and then up too much causes major neck pain. You are young (I am envious) and can learn a new habit to replace an old one. I am old and my habits are too ingrained so I will continue to hunt and continue to peck.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I've been a (self-taught) touch typist since I was 13 years old, working for my dad. It does irritate me to watch the 'head up, head down' thing. I usually just offer to do it myself.

Having said that, I can't type numbers or symbols without looking. My brain can only handle so much.

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes,
the life of a teenager.
thanks for the support, and understanding.
look forward to reading your posts.
your friend, emily.

Anonymous said...

I find that it's usually just easier, and sometimes faster, to type your own way. I remember when I was learning to touch type, I just couldn't get it down and I typed so much slower. now that I set up my own system for typing, it's much more efficient.

EiTheL said...

When I was about.. 10 and I started to play games such as Maplestory, I had to learn how to type... and I never learned touch typing so now I'm used to typing with just my two index fingers (right pinky for shift and right thumb for space) and thats it, and I type pretty fast too (about 75 wpm)

so just type how u feel is comfortable :P