Saturday, November 1, 2008

5 - Doing things that people have specifically told you not to do

The main source of inspiration for this hate of mine is rooted in a particular dinner I had, at which my mother and I ate at Ruby Tuesday (mmm). If I remember correctly, we had salad, potato skins, spare ribs, beef lasagne, fries and garlic toast, which were all in great, big portions and in addition to that, I drank a lot of Coca Cola, since you know, you can ask for refills. As the night went on, I ingested more and more food, to the point where I felt full, to the point where I took off my belt and put it in my bag, to the point where I had to stand up and take deep breaths, and finally to the point where I just couldn't possibly eat anymore. I ate so much, I couldn't move and I was in a lot of discomfort. I had to take ten minutes just to stand up, to physiologically prepare myself for the journey home.

We stepped outside and my mother put her arm around my waist since I'm tall and that's what mothers do to their tall, teenage sons. I told her, "Don't press on to my stomach" lest I might vomit. Can you hazard as a guess as to what she did the very second she heard my warning?

...that's right.

My dinner went splash.

Why is it that people have this compulsion to do what is contrary to what other people have requested?

You start off an embarassing story with, "Don't laugh at me, but there was this one time..." and then they find it amusing and laugh anyway. You tell someone, "Oh, I don't want to talk about it" and they reply with, "No, tell me! Come on!". You ask for your friend to stop that incessant whistling and they take it as a sign of your appreciation for their music, prompting them to put their face closer to yours and whistle even louder. You ask someone, "Please don't feel sorry for me, it's not your fault" and however convincingly they reassure you that they aren't, they do.

Why do people do this? Does the message not get across to them? Do we need to punch them in the face, cry our heart out, or regurgitate our dinner in order for them to get the idea?

Who knows?


yolanda said...

i feel your pain. i have a friend who's singing voice sounds like a cat in heat, but i resist (through gritted teeth) begging her to stop cos' we know what will happen if i do!

thanks so much for your comment on my blog. it was lovely to read. the philosophical musings i was referring to are my own! (although i will throw in the occasional quote from philosophers!)

keep stopping by. im enjoying your blog too.


Anonymous said...

annoying. :|

My Little Stories said...

You said it well. Human nature, perhaps? Keep on writing. You've got a great talent!

Anonymous said...

human nature at it's not so finest. as annoying as it is, I think we all do it even unintentionally. just out of habit, I suppose. I can admit to times when I've done something I was told not to. then again, I was little and who really knows any better at that age. that's more of a "testing my limits" type of thing. maybe that transfers over into adulthood. we know we were told not to do so, but we feel inclined to do it anyways, maybe just because we're curious to see what the result is.

J.J. in L.A. said...

My mom and brother don't agree on politics and keep arguing about it (I "hate" talking politics!). I've slammed doors to get them to shut up. What do they do? Argue louder so I can hear them through the door.

Michael said...

I just reread the comment, J.J. Very amusing.

Eugene said...

Try reverse psychology.


Do it with a convincing face and see them sitting quietly in a dark corner across the room.