Sunday, November 23, 2008

27 - The smell of dog poop

Dogs, yet again, seem to be the culprit behind my daily annoyance.

I needed some brain food and went out for lunch, and just as I stepped off the curb by my place, there was this rancid scent of fecal matter in the air that was extremely unexpected and upsetting because I'm very perceptive - I usually can spot if there's a pile of excrement in my path (key word: usually) - but I didn't see any feces anywhere. Why? Because there wasn't any on the floor around me. I stopped in my tracks to inspect the turf around me but the floor was clean. So why did it smell like crap?

I don't know. It was just this odor that lingered in the atmosphere, with no cause, with no apparent origin. Perhaps someone was walking their dog around that area, wrapped his/her dog's poop in some newspaper and dumped it in the bin nearby... only, there wasn't a bin. Hmm... the mysteries of life...

Wherever the stink emerged from, I know it's some dog owner's fault, it's their inability to have a dog in our society, while helping to maintain nice-smelling air.

Did you know the study of feces is called scatology or corprology? And you know what's interesting? The fact that dog crap has a distinct smell. We know if the smell comes from humans or dogs or cows. I mean, wouldn't it be interesting to know the exact chemical compositions of each species' crap, to find out what exactly it is in each of our diets/bodies that gives that incredibly distinguishable smell?


No, that's not interesting.


Just out of curiosity, which one of my twenty-seven posts have been your favorites so far? I've been going by my gut so far and I don't really know how my posts have been read. I know this is all just about me talking about the things I hate, but I'd also like to keep all you readers in mind as well. I'm an entertainer at heart! And perhaps after getting some feedback, I'll have a better idea of which direction I could uh... shift my hatred toward. Whether you're one of my loyal visitors and followers, or whether you're like my classmates who never leave a comment, tell me, even if you don't have your own blog, even if you don't have a Google account, what have you enjoyed reading here and what do you hate too?


Zoe said...

Ugh, this is disgusting. I too hate the smell of dog crap.
I really enjoy your posts that comment on people's annoying quirks and mannerisms; I find those the most humorous.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I doubt there's even 1 person who LIKES dog crap. lol! It would be interesting to have a blog that invites your readers to say what they hate. I know I have a few things.

Michael said...


As J.J. shrewdly pointed out, who doesn't hate the smell of dog crap?

And thank you for leaving an answer. I'll certainly keep your opinion in mind.


Michael said...

Dead J.J.,

On the left-hand side, I did type: Feel free to e-mail me if you have anything you want to share, suggest, criticize, inquire or comment on! :D

Is the word 'suggest' not in there? That's precisely what I intended... Perhaps I will further advertise this inviting-others-to-hate thing some time soon, although, I think I need to get all of my own pet peeves done first, sorted and set aside. Hah.


Anonymous said...

Usually when I smell dog poop (easier to spell than fecal matter) and can see no sign of the offending material, I find it has adhered itself to the sole of my shoe.


verification - persump

Michael said...

Dear AV,

That's usually the case too. I did check the underside of my shoe just to make sure.